Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Posts of 2012

Awwww!  It's the end of another great year and I'm reminiscing over all the posts that I've put up over the past 12 months.  Can you believe I posted 210 times!!!!  It certainly doesn't feel like that much.  It's so weird looking back and seeing Linc grow... and my cloth diaper stash grow too.  LOL!  My likes and dislikes changed so much over this past year and it's fun to see where I was and where I am now.  Cloth diapering never gets boring and I'm always looking forward to testing new ones out.  Just in case you missed a few of my favorite posts, I thought I'd list them here for you.  Oh the memories!

Best Silly Saturday Posts

I didn't do Silly Saturday posts for long, but they're still fun to look back on.  I really wish I would have stuck with them.  Years from now I'll wish I wrote down every little funny thing that the kids ever did.  It's these moments in life that keep us young.

Best Series

Every once in awhile I get a fire under my butt and I go crazy on one topic.  The two most popular ones I've gone off on are Linc's newborn diapers and his fitted diapers.  I'm not sure I've ever gotten off the fitted kick yet although I'm thinking I might ventures off into AIO's pretty soon.

Best Wordless Wednesdays

Don't you just love Wordless Wednesdays?  They always say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it.  The first picture makes me laugh at just how barfy Linc was those first months.  I'm pretty sure he went through 10 outfits a day.  The second picture has rolls to die for.  Love my chunky monkey!

Funniest Cartoon Posts

Ok, these aren't the most artistic drawings in the world, but they do crack me up.  Who doesn't love a little diaper humor at the end of the day?

Best Cloth Diapering Tips

There are so many things that contribute to successful cloth diapering, but I wouldn't hesitate a minute to say that a good wash routine is the key to success in cloth diapering.  My nighttime diaper cover solution would be a close second.

Best DIY Posts

Wow!  I'm so surprised that I really didn't do any DIY posts this year.  I did a million last year.  I guess that's what having a newborn will do to you.  I do love this super easy DIY snack pack post though.  Check out my 2011 DIY posts though.  There are some great ones.

Best Party Posts

I LOVE to throw parties!  I love the planning.  I love the decorations.  I love seeing friends and family. What's not to love about a party?  Ok, cleaning up kind of sucks, but other than that they are pretty darn awesome!

Best Personal Post

I don't get super personal on here very often, but sometimes it just feels liberating to put pen to paper... or in my case fingers to laptop, and write, write, write.  Remembering sad times is hard, but it's a time I never want to forget.

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