Saturday, January 7, 2012

Silly Saturdays - Mom's a Big Chicken!

Another new feature of 2012!  Silly Saturdays is a place where I can highlight the funny things that happened during the week.  A couple years ago I started journals for each of the girls where I wrote all the funny things they said or did.  It's so fun to look back on those hilarious moments  Unfortunately I didn't keep up with them and I wish I had.  As a way to revive that documentation and to remember these precious moments I'm starting up Silly Saturdays.  Hope you enjoy and find these moments as comical as I do.

Friday, January 6th 2012 - Brian's out of town this weekend so I'm home alone with the kids.  Depending on what I watch on TV before I go to bed, I can be quite the chicken about being home alone.  Well I thought I was doing good till my stereo system decided to freak out and blare static over our surround system right before I headed to bed.  Needless to say my heart was pounding.  I tried to pull myself together and go to sleep, but my mind started freaking out about loud noises.  I decided to go drag the girls into my bed so I wouldn't have to sleep alone.  I woke up Riley first and told her she could come sleep in my bed tonight.  I thought she would be excited.  Nope, she just looked at me and said "No Mom.  I'm too tired.  I'll come lay with you when I wake up."  OMG!  I can't believe she shot me down.  Arg!  I knew I couldn't just take Reagan to my room because I didn't want to leave Riley by herself so I started to head back to my room, but I really didn't think I could sleep alone, so I tried again.  Once again Riley shot me down saying she was too tired.  I was just about to head to bed defeated, but I really didn't think I could sleep alone so I tried one last time with the promise that I would carry her to my room.  She agreed!  Reagan took two seconds to convince to come have a sleepover with us.  Having my girls in my room I slept like a baby ... surrounded by my babies ... although evidently I'm the biggest baby of them all.  : )

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  1. HA Oh Chana, that is too funny! I'm such a baby too, I can definitely see myself doing this.


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