Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Key To A Bulletproof Nighttime Diapering Solution

Bulletproof Nighttime Cloth Diaper Cover
Well September is over and we just got done reviewing tons of fitted diapers.  That got me to thinking... what is the key to success with fitted diapers?  I should clarify.  What is the key to success at night with fitted diapers?  Yes, some fitted diapers are more absorbent than others and a great absorbent diaper is definitely a key ingredient, but that's not what I found to be "THE Key Ingredient".  I could use almost any of the diapers I reviewed for the September Fitted Diaper Event at night and get no leaks (yes, there were a few that I could not).  So what was the key ingredient?  Should I tell you?  Ok, I guess that's the whole point of this post...

The key ingredient to a bulletproof nighttime diapering solution is all in the cover.  Yep, that's right.  If you have the right cover and you put it on correctly then you should have a leak free night provided your fitted diaper (or prefold, or flat for that matter) is somewhat decent in absorbency.  Now I've tried several covers and I keep going back to the same three brands.  Not to say that these three brands are the only ones you could use, but they do have some key features that you want to look for in a nighttime diaper cover.

  • SIZE - It's got to be big!  Fitted diapers, flats, and prefolds are usually not too trim when it comes to nighttime solutions.  Some are, but most are fairly bulky.  That said, you're going to want a diaper cover that can cover your diaper completely.
  • INTERIOR GUSSETS - I've used covers both with and without gussets, and have found that those with gussets seem to create a better seal than those that do not have them.
  • STRETCH - Covers that stretch tend to fit your baby better, creating a nice seal.
  • SUPERIOR ADJUSTABILITY - Whether it be snaps or hook & loop closures, you're going to want a cover that will give you the best adjustability.  This is all about fit.  You want a good seal around your baby's waist and legs to keep that moisture in.
  • PUL/TPU/POLY ONLY - You don't want any natural fibers on your cover.  What I'm mainly getting at here is that you don't want a hidden layer of PUL or TPU with a cotton layer over it.  It never fails that the moisture inside will find a way to that cotton exterior before the night is up.  This goes for any cover that has a natural fiber on the outside such as bamboo... but it's usually cotton.
Ok, I want to state again that these are not the only covers that will work at night, but they are the ones in my stash that I use exclusively for nights and rarely fail me.  Oh, and yes these are affiliate links so if you want to buy any of these covers and want to help support this blog then please use these links.  Thanks!!!

Ok, so you have your diaper cover.  Now what do you do?  Just having an awesome diaper cover that meets all of the features above will not guarantee you a bulletproof solution.  It's all about how you use the diaper cover.  I'm sure we all know that you put on your absorbent diaper, be it a fitted, prefold, or flat, and then you put the cover on over it, but do you really put your cover on correctly?  Maybe you're really tired.  Maybe your baby is really wiggly.  Maybe your baby is really cranky and you just want to get them to bed fast.  Maybe you just didn't realize how to put a cover on correctly.  Whatever the reason, you're still getting leaks.  Well there's a checklist I go over when putting on a nighttime diaper cover every night.

  • Put on your absorbent diaper (fitted, prefold, flat).
  • Put your diaper cover on over your absorbent diaper snugly but not so tight that it cuts into their skin.  You just want to make sure that the edges are completely touching your baby's skin, but not digging in.
  • Check the leg openings to make sure that none of the absorbent diaper is sticking out.  If it is then tug on the diaper cover and poke your absorbent diaper in till you no longer see it.  There should be a nice seal on the legs and you shouldn't see any of your absorbent diaper.  Pay special attention to the top of the legs.  You shouldn't see your absorbent diaper ANYWHERE!  If you can't get the cover to stretch over the diaper fully with a little wiggle room then you need a bigger cover.
  • Check the top of the diaper (front and back).  Can your see your absorbent diaper?  You shouldn't be able to.  If you do then tug your diaper cover up over it and poke your absorbent diaper in.  You should have a nice seal around the top of your diaper.  Not tight... but a nice seal.
  • If you use hook and loop closures on your covers then be sure to put pants over the cover.  You don't want your baby to accidentally loosen the hook and loop closures over night.  Even babies that don't pull on their diapers might loosen the closures just by rolling around if the hooks get attached to a blanket or doll.
So there you have it!  That's my bulletproof nighttime diapering solution.  It's all in the cover!  Yes, like I said before, there are a few diapers that I can't use at night, but overall, if I use a good cover and I put it on correctly then I usually have a leak free night.  It never fails that the one night I put on a cover that doesn't meet my requirement, or I don't check the diaper cover application list, is the night I wake up next to a puddle.  Ewwww!  I hope this helps you too and nighttime diaper leaking becomes a thing of the past.  Good Luck!!!

**Please Note!!!:  I'm not saying that these are the only covers that will work or that PUL is your only option.  I do know that wool is a great option.  I just haven't really used it much yet to talk enough about it. **


  1. I love my Thirsties cover. It is sooo roomy and we never have leaks. I would like to try the other two you have suggested. :) Great info, thank you!! Another bullet proof (and not scary) cover would be wool!! We LOVE our wool covers. Not a single leak ever. :)

    1. Yes, I do need to try some wool! I have one wool cover from Baby BeeHinds, but I'd like to try more.

  2. FLEECE saved my life when it came to leaks!!! We switched to fleece soakers and longies for nighttime and it was so amazing we switched dint he day time too!!

  3. I also found the Motherease airflow covers in size L work well for nighttime. :) I love the recommendations and the highlighting that nighttime is different than daytime -I think a lot of moms have to learn this the hard way!

  4. Thanks so much for this review and especially the video!
    Plus...Linc is just ADORABLE! :)


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