Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lincoln's Toy Story 2 Birthday Party... & free printable

My Little Man Is 2!!!!!!
Another year and another party.  How could my little boy be two years old already?????  Where did the time go?  Since he is my last baby I tend to savor the moments just a little more, and I find that with that comes going a bit overboard when it comes to birthdays.  This year was no exception!  I picked the theme Toy Story after we picked out Linc's Halloween costume.  This year he was Buzz Lightyear!  What better way to double the use of a costume that will only fit for a short period of time, than to center his whole birthday around this costume too!  

The Decorations:

My Little Man and I
I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do as far as decorations go.  Nothing too extravagant.
 Just a few key elements that would really set the mood.  Some of the items I was able to buy ready made such as the table cloths, the birthday banner, the cups, plates, napkins, and hanging decorations.  Other than that I couldn't find much so it was up to me to improvise.  Most of the big decorations you see here I actually made myself.  Some of them were created with the help of Pinterest.  Others were created from images in my mind.  Then there were a few that I really wanted to do that didn't come to be.  One of those was parachuting army men.  I wanted army colored balloons with army men attached as if they were parachuting.  Couldn't figure it out in the time I had though.  Boo!  Someone post a link if you ever create one!!!!

The Food:
This was an easy one!  What else do you serve at a Toy Story Party, but pizza from Pizza Planet?!?!  Can't pass up an opportunity to have a meal as easy as pizza!  For snacks we had Rex's Fruit and Veggie Tray and Mr. Potato Head's Potato Chips.  For drinks we had juice boxes, soda, water, and Hamm's Pink Party Punch (Yummmmm!!!!).  Then there was dessert.  Oh how I LOVE to plan dessert!  Just like Linc's 1st birthday, I planned a buffet of desserts to choose from with the help of Pinterest.  We had Alien Cupcakes, Buzz's Spaceship Crispy Treats, Army Men Battlefield Brownies, Jessie's Cowgirl Hat Cookies, and Woody's Sheriff Badge Cookies.  They were all so good, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite!!!!

The Dessert Bar

Alien Cupcakes

Battleground Brownies

Jessie's Cowgirl Hat Cookies
Woody's Sheriff Badge Cookies

Hamm's Pink Party Punch

I designed & Made the Pizza Planet Signs Myself From Foam Core

The Games:
I don't usually have games at our parties.  It just seems too hard to coordinate them and the kids really have a great time just playing with toys with their friends.  This time I thought I'd try games though.  We had a few self play games that were just there for fun, but didn't win prizes and weren't coordinated as to when to play.  Those were a huge felt Tic Tac Toe board, a huge Mr. Potato Head Felt board, a regular Mr. Potato head play station, a Toy Story coloring table, and an Etch A Sketch Photo Booth.  We had one semi coordinated game that guests could play at their leisure and a winner was selected at the end of the party.  This was Guess The Number Of Army Men In The Bowl.  Parents guessed for the younger kids, and the older kids got to guess on their own.  My one coordinated game was Hot Potato.  The kids LOVED this game!!!!  They actually wanted to play it twice.

Potato Head Table

Coloring Table

Reagan, My Middle Little

All My Littles

My Oldest Little With Her Friends

Our Whole Toy Story Gang

Even The Big Kids Had Fun At The Etch A Sketch Photo Booth

Can't Get Much Cuter With A Big Nose & Mustache

Hot Potato!

The Party Favors:
As soon as I saw these little bags on Pinterest I just knew that I had to have them!!!!!  The little alien bags are soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!  Plus they are so easy to make!  I filled them with your regular party favor treats, but the bags were the real fun.

I made both the claw and bags

I had a great time planning this party and an even funner time celebrating a big year with all our friends!  For more great ideas on how to plan your own Toy Story Birthday please visit my Pinterest Board for Linc's Birthday.  You'll also find out how to make a lot of the things you see here on my page.  While you're at it, you can check out Linc's 1st Birthday Party.  Oh how I love to reminisce and see where we were a year ago.

You can print out your very own Toy Story Food Labels!!!!  Just click on the following links to print.  I print mine out on cardstock so they would be nice and ridged.  You can also open these documents in a photo editing program or something as simple as Microsoft Paint to erase the food names and create your own.  Enjoy!!!  Toy Story Food Labels Page 1  and Toy Story Food Labels Page 2.

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