Monday, November 11, 2013

Surro Files - 5 Weeks ~ Betas and Disneyland

5 Weeks!!!!!  Can you believe it!  I still can't believe Belle and Adam's little one will be here in about 35 weeks!  It really is very exciting!  OK, and now I think I used one too many exclamation points.  Haha!  This week I'm going to start a new format... unless it starts getting too boring then of course I'll have to change it up again.  So here we go...

The Bun(s)
Right now the baby (or babies... we will find out soon) is about the size of an apple seed (.13") and less than .04oz.  At this stage the embryo is dividing into three layers of cells.  The top layer will eventually become the central nervous system: the brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves, and backbone.  The middle layer will develop into the circulatory system, and the bottom layer is where the lungs, intestines, thyroid, and other major internal organs will develop.
Embryo(s) Are Now The Size Of An Apple Seed
The Oven
I'm actually feeling pretty normal right now.  At times I will feel a bit crampy from the growing, but other than that, I just feel like me.  I feel like this is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  I LOVE going through pregnancy without morning sickness and sore boobs, but at the same time I wish I felt something to let me know that everything is ok.  But I shouldn't wish for those things.  I'm sure I'll regret it very soon if my wish comes true.  So let's scratch that wish.  I'll just have faith that everything is growing just as it should.  So in the meantime I'll just continue taking my vitamin each morning, taking my progesterone suppositories 3x a day, and eating and sleeping to help grow the bean(s) the best that I can.  Sometimes I get nervous.  Sometimes I worry.  But overall I'm very calm this time around and know that in July, Belle and Adam will have their little one(s) in their arms.

The Oven At 5 Weeks
The Happenings In the Kitchen
This past week was beta week!!!!  Last Tuesday I went in for bloodwork to check my hormones and most importantly, by HCG levels.  HCG is the hormone your body produces when it's pregnant and they call that test a beta test.  I went in at 7am (all 3 kids in tow) so that we would get the results ASAP.  It usually takes about 4 hours to get beta results.  I sat by my phone all day long waiting for that important call... and what happens???  I miss it!!!!!  My kids turned down the ringer and I missed it.  Thankfully Belle e-mailed me the results right away with her excitement.  391!  The clinic was hoping for a number over 300 so we were right where they wanted us to be plus some!

Right after the beta test on Tuesday, we picked up the girls from school and headed out to Disneyland!  We're a Disney freak of a family and what better place to celebrate this excitement, than the happiest place on Earth!  We stayed from Tuesday to Friday riding lots of rides and eating lots of food.  Gah!  Now I look like I'm 5 months pregnant instead of 5 weeks.  Darn good food that is not so good for me!  I'll have to get back on track now that I'm home.  It was exciting documenting the beans first trip to Disneyland ... kind of.  We got rejected on a few rides like Autopia and Splash Mountain, but for the most part we got to ride all the rides we usually do.  The favorites this trip were Pirates of the Caribbean and It's A Small World.  After Disney we went to visit my family for the weekend and headed home.  It's so nice to be home!!!! 

The Family @ Disneyland
The Chefs
I can only speculate on how the parents are feeling, but from our e-mails (yes we e-mail about a million times a day, haha!) and Belle's blog posts, I get a pretty good idea.  As of right now... and I'm sure the whole entire pregnancy, they are feeling excited, disbelief, and worry.  All the feelings you would expect of parents to be.  I love reading all of Belle's updates.  She's working on her pregnancy photo journal and organizing baby clothes that she's bought in the past.  I love hearing about their excitement and all the things they're doing to get ready.  I thought it was adorable that Adam was researching inducing lactation for Belle.  I'm sure that my husband would not do that.  Haha!  Of course it isn't all excitement though.  I know they are stressed and worried and waiting for each new appointment to come up.  Aren't we all?  Pregnancy is one of those beyond your control miracles that never ceases to amaze me.  You can read more about what's going on with Belle and Adam on her most recent blog post here - "Worry Wort".

Coming Soon !!!
Next Beta is this Thursday.  If I'm calculating correctly, I'm hoping for a number at least in the 9000 range giving us a doubling time of every 48 hours.
Our first ultrasound is next Thursday the 21st!!!!  We should be able to hear a heartbeat... or two.

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*


  1. Congratulations Chana and to Belle and Adam!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!! :)
    I'm putting money on twins!!! :P
    Lovely pictures too, keep enjoying the pregnancy and keep us updated.



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