Monday, September 2, 2013

Surro Files - Three's A Charm

Well here we go again!  This will be our third cycle trying to create our miracle baby bean for Belle and Adam and I'm feeling exceptionally positive that this will be our month!  I can't explain why I feel so positive.  Maybe it's all the things we're doing this time around to make sure that in a month we see that glorious pink line that tells us we are pregnant.  I know I touched on a few of my embryo sticking strategies last week, but here is a quick rundown in case you missed it.

I'm Taking The Following Daily:
3000mg of L-Aginine (study shown here)
600mg of Vitamin E (study shown here)
1 Prenatal Vitamin
1 Birth Control Pill

I'm Doing The Following Daily:
Drinking Lots Of Water
Having An Orgasm A Day (yep, I said it...)

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What do all these things have in common (minus the birth control)?  Well they're all going to help get my blood flow moving which will in turn help create a nice fluffy uterine lining and aid in implantation.  Fingers crossed all my efforts have the outcome that I expect we will see.  It will!  It will work!

So what else are we working on?  Belle, Adam, and I are also discussing the possibility of transferring two embryos instead of one.  We're all hoping for one healthy baby, but we'd be equally as happy with two.  Yes, it would be hard, but well worth it in the end.  The decision isn't final though.  We'll find out on Friday when Belle and Adam talk with the doctor to discuss the options.  What does he think is best?  I'll be excited to let you know that decision next week!!

What do I know now?  We have a schedule!!!!  Here is what we'll be doing up until the next transfer...

September 4th - Stop Birth Control Pills / Go in for an ultrasound & lab work
September 5th - Start Estradiol (estrogen) 2mg 2 times a day
September 6th - Belle & Adam meet with the RE to discuss transfer options
September 11th - Go in for ultrasound & lab work (see if they need to change my meds)
September 18th - Go in for ultrasound & lab work (see if we're good to go to fly out for transfer)
September ??th - Start Progesterone Suppositories
September 24th - Fly out to CT for the transfer
September 25th - Go in for ultrasound & lab work (wee if we're good to go for the transfer)
September 26th - Transfer

It will work!!!!!  I just know it!  

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*


  1. Hooray! I am sending more positive thoughts your way though it sounds as though you might not need them because you are so positive yourself. I love seeing the schedule written out as obviously Im a teensy bit behind where you are. Lots of good luck to you this time, Chana!

  2. I think the orgasm a day seems like the most taxing... But I too believe, It WILL work this time! The odds are in your favor!


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