Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Seedlings - Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

Little Seedlings Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper
I was so excited to be able to test out a Little Seedlings Hybrid Fitted Diaper.  I'd heard so many great things about hybrid fitteds and really just wanted to test them out for myself.  Is this the new magic diaper?  I will tell you, when I got this diaper in the mail I was in awe.  It was just soooooo squishy.  I'm pretty sure that this is the squishiest diaper that I've ever touched.  If one day I end up somewhere without my pillow and need to take a nap, this is the diaper that I'm going to grab as a MacGyver insta pillow.  I could have sweet dreams laying on this bitty fluff.  Speaking of sleep, I'll sleep even better knowing that Linc is wearing one of these diapers.  Nothing is getting past this diaper.   I'm pretty sure it's bulletproof.  That said, read on below to see what else I have to say about this squishy, cute, little diaper.

Diaper Features:

Sizing:  One Size fitting babies from approximately 10-35+ lbs. via a snap down rise.  (Also available in a Toddler Fit for babies that are 20-40+ lbs) 

Diaper Construction: Turned and Topstitched (serged edges is also available)

Closure:  Snap (3 snaps on each wing) with crossover tabs.

Exterior:  Woven cotton or knit blend

Interior Lining:  Cotton Velour or Organic Bamboo Velour

Hidden Layers:  Water Resistant Poly Fleece

Soaker:  Soakers are made up of two pads sewn together at the top and topped with either plush cotton velour or organic bamboo velour. Each pad has 2 layers of high quality Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece.  All diapers also come with an additional matching Super Doubler to fit between the soaker layers. There is a total of 6 layers of heavy OBF in each diaper.

Manufactured:  USA

Average Retail Price: $30-32
Little Seedlings Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - Inside and Outside
Performance Review:

Ease Of Use: ♥♥♥♥ - This diaper is pretty easy to use.  There are three snaps on each wing though, so yes, it does take awhile to put on.  The stretch of the wings makes it a bit faster though.  I also like that the soaker is short so I don't have to worry about folding it to make it fit.

Adjustability & Fit: ♥♥♥♥ - The fit of this diaper is amazing!!!! I love how nicely this diaper stretches.  It hugs Linc just perfectly.  I will say it's a bit bulky, but then again, most hybrid diapers are.  Jessica (tester #2) also love the fit of this diaper.

Little Seedlings Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - On My BabyLeak Protection: ♥♥♥♥♥ - Nothing is getting past this diaper!  I can leave Linc in this diaper for 3-4 hours without a cover before the outside feels wet.  It's awesome!  If you want a breathable diaper to go out and about in then this is the diaper for you.  If you have a heavy wetter that will soak any diaper, then this is the diaper for you.  Night or day, this diaper will not fail.  I also wanted to note that this was one of the few diapers in my fitted event that Linc pooped in.  It was a poosplosion, but well contained in the diaper.

Wash Routine: ♥♥♥♥♥ - This diaper is ok as far as washing.  If you leave the soaker snapped in then you won't have to worry about locating it and snapping it back in after washing.  The soaker does take awhile to dry though.  The diaper and the doubler will dry in about 75 min, but the soaker takes about 105 minutes due to the way it's sewn together at the top.  If the soaker wasn't sewn in a half moon shape making it impossible for the soaker to fully spread out, then it would dry a lot faster.  Oh, and back to the poosplosion that I referenced above.  This diaper was very easy to clean when I put the doubler on top of the soaker.  Most of the poop was on the doubler and it sprayed off super easy. **Updated Rating!  Little Seedlings has updated their soaker design so that they too will dry in about 75 minutes.  Whoot!**

Bang For The Buck: ♥♥♥♥♥ - Ok, this is a tricky question.  Do I think these diapers are worth the price?  Yes I do.  Are they expensive?  Yes they are.  These are at the higher end of fitted diaper prices.  At least they're a one-size diaper so you won't need to size up.

Quality & Durability: ♥♥♥♥♥ - This is a top quality diaper!  Every stitch looks perfect and the materials are oh so soft and luxurious.  I think I squished this diaper a million times when I first got it because I loved it so much.

The Look: ♥♥♥♥ - I love the look of this squishy little (or not so little) diaper.  I love the cute prints and how the interior lining matches up so nicely.  I also love how she coordinates the snaps in not one, but two colors.  The only downfall is the bulk.  This is quite the super booty diaper.  You can cut down the bulk if you eliminate the doubler though.

In Conclusion:
I would recommend this diaper to anyone looking for a nighttime diaper for a heavy wetter, for those wanting a fitted that will last longer than one pee without a cover, or those that want a fitted that they can run errands without a cover.  This is your diaper!  Those that hate bulk or high prices might want to steer clear.  I personally love it though and plan on getting another for my baby's booty.  I know our other testers, Jessica and Kamryn love this diaper too.
Little Seedlings Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - Close Up
My Little Guy's Blue Eyes and Smile** Please note that while I aim to provide the most thorough and honest reviews possible, this review is based on my own preferences and experiences.  Each baby is different and each parent has different likes and dislikes.  What works for one may not work for another, so keep that in mind while doing your research.**  For more information on the diaper testers, please check out my post, "Meet the Diaper Testers".

If you would like to purchase one of these diapers for your little one, then please visit the Little Seedlings website on scheduled stocking days (Every other Wednesday at 1pm).  You can also find Little Seedlings on Facebook and their new Little Seedlings webpage (currently under construction).

**Just a heads up.  Little Seedlings is sponsoring an awesome prize for the September Fitted Diaper Event Giveaway.  Check back here from September 28th - October 12th for your chance to win.**

**This product was given to me for the purpose of a review, but the review is comprised completely of my own opinions  and was not influenced by any other outside source.**

So you can easily keep track of the September Fitted Diaper Event, I will add a link to each of the posts below.  No need to worry if you've missed one of the reviews.  I've got ya covered!


  1. Thanks fir another excellent review! I really like the look of this diaper, just wish it came in a snap-down rise - I'm not a big fan of fold over rise.

    1. I agree. I'm not a fan of the fold down rise. Unfortunately it seems like most fitted diapers adjust their sizes that way. I hope we see more snap down rises in the future. Luckily Linc is so big that I don't have to worry about it though.

  2. She sells mama cloth too!! I love using mama cloth. :)

  3. We LOVE our Little Seedlings diapers! Definitely one of the best for my heavy wetter. :)

  4. I would LOVE to try one of these fitteds, but got NO WHERE on her stocking day. Thanks for the review, Chana!

  5. I wish wish wish I had seen a review like this before my daughter was in cloth. We have been using Flips and inserts and now that she is 3 months we are having so many issues with the inserts! I have tried to make your upcycled T-shirt prefolds to cut down cost for us, but that doesn't work for night time. Neither do the inserts, so I have been dying to try out fitteds at night, but they might even work for daytime too! Thank you for the great reviews! They are super helpful!

  6. I am still waiting to try our first LS- I have a friend who is a huge fan!

  7. We love our LS and especially the sleepy seedling :)

    1. I'd love to try a sleepy seedling. They look so cushy!

  8. Awesome diapers, one of my favorites!!

  9. SO cute!!! I'm not a huge fan of fold-down-rise either (I seem to get wing droop), but my girl's pretty tall so it's not much of an issue anymore. Such a cute, fluffy diaper!!!

    1. Yes, luckily Linc is on the highest rise for most diapers so I don't have to worry about this either. Makes it easier for me to pick super cute diapers. : )

  10. I love love love the pattern and snap colors! This mama must have a very good eye :-) The hybrid fitted idea sounds great, but I change my guy every 1-2 hrs when we're at home anyway, so something so fluffy might be overkill.

  11. What a cute diaper. I would love to try one for overnight. We can't seem to find anything that works right now.

  12. just a glowing review, i am super curious about this diaper! i love fitteds with snap in soakers, and this one really looks amazingly squishy!

  13. loving the squishy, cushy bamboo

  14. Chana, these are so cute! By the way, what are "snap covers" and where could I find some? My little one is also chunky and I fear the width on this diaper would cause a snap to be exposed to her sensitive skin.

    1. Most WAHM cloth diaper makers will sell snap covers as well. I just made my own, but I've seen some cute ones that other moms make.


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