Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To: Upcycle Take-Out Boxes into Packing Material

Take Out Box turned into Packing Material
Ok, I know I missed a day, but I'm back to redeem myself with Day 17 of the Upcycled Crafting Challenge.   Well, this isn't really a crafting project, but if you ship things all the time then this project will really save you some time and money.  What do you usually do when you ship a delicate item?  Do you buy packing peanuts?  Do you use newspaper?  Do you just cross your fingers and hope that nobody drops your package and breaks what's inside?  I normally use newspaper or plastic grocery bags, but as I was looking at the Upcycled Challenge list I got to thinking... what if...

What if I used Styrofoam take-out boxes and turned them into shipping peanuts?  It's actually such an easy concept that I'm not even going to write my usual tutorial post.  All you need to do is clean out your take out box, cut it up into whatever size packing material that you want, and shove it in your shipping box.  If you do this for every take out box that you accumulate and just save the cut up shipping material in a bag, then you'll always have packing material ready to go whenever you need it.  How easy is that????

How To: Upcycle a Take Out Box into Packing Material

*This post is part of the Upcycled Crafting Challenge (#freefromtrash) hosted by Calley, The Eco Chic, and is part of a one month challenge to create from trash.  This challenge will hopefully open your eyes to the number of items that we still end up trashing every day that could be used by ourselves or our kids to create fun and useful items.  To find out more about the challenge and to see other projects click on over to Calley’s announcement post.*

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  1. That's actually a good idea. Using those styrofoam from take out. I sure have a lot of those in my kitchen. I'm happy to know I can use them in a manner where it's really productive. I think I am totally getting rid of those bubble wraps.

  2. Very useful and informative post! In my restaurant I use a variety of take out boxes for packing all types of entrees and sides dishes as well as soups and desserts. I will try to do as mentioned in the blog!


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