Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fluff You Can Touch.

Today I convinced my husband Brian to make a pit-stop at a natural baby store on our way home from Disneyland.  I was so excited!!!!  We don't have any stores near Fresno that carry cloth diapers and I couldn't wait to see some in person.

The store we went to was Rosie Posie Baby in Anaheim.  It's a cute little store that carries a lot of cloth diaper brands, as well as other natural mothering items such as slings, organic cotton dolls, handmade mobiles, etc.  Of course I was particularly interested in one area only... the diapers.

Weehuggers Cover (Owls)
Brian and the girls went in with me and I showed Brian a few of the diapers that I planned on trying.  I also wanted to show him the difference between the snaps and aplix diapers to see what he thought.  To my surprise he didn't think the snaps would be a problem at all.  I'm still going to get a mix of both though.  All was going well until another couple walked in and started asking how to remedy a problem they were having with their diapers leaking.  I didn't think anything of it since I knew that finding out best diaper solution would be a trial and error process, but Brian left the store and later told me in the car that he wasn't sure about cloth diapers anymore if other people were complaining about leaking.  Ugh!  Back to square one with him I guess.

RumpARooz  (Robotronic)
Anyways, Riley (my oldest daughter), and I stayed in the store and continued to browse.  I got to see some of the Kissaluvs fitted diapers that I will be using during the newborn stage and might be testing in the infant stage.  I also got to see the Thirsties Duo Wraps, BumGenius XS AIO's, and prefolds that I will also be using in the newborn stage.  During my time there I tried out a few to see how the snaps would feel.  I'll admit, it seems like it will take a little bit of practice to learn which snaps to snap where, but I'm sure after a couple days I'll be a pro at it.  Rose Homme who was running the store was very helpful and even showed me how to work a snappie.  She said my best option would be to try a little of everything and go from there, but to have a newborn stash in place for those first three itty bitty months.  Glad to know I'm on top of it already.

Blueberry Pocket (Stars)
Shown on this page are a few diapers that Riley and I picked out as our favorites at the store.  The first diaper was my favorite.  It is a Weehuggers Snap Cover in the pattern Owls.  I really loved the texture of the fabric on this one.  The second diaper Riley picked out as her favorite.  It's a Rump A Rooz pocket diaper in the pattern Robotronic.  The last one was my second favorite.  It's a Blueberry pocket diaper in the pattern Stars.  I really wanted to buy a few of these diapers on the spot, but held myself back so I could go home and finalize my list a little more.  Oh well.  I'll own some of these cute diapers soon enough further down the road on my Adventures in Fluff.


  1. I do have a problem with leaking urine and feces with my son using the brand Flip. He just turned 1 and I just started him on cloth diapers around his 1st bday. i am using your blog to do the research I have been slacking on. So, thank you! :>

  2. Glad the blog is helping you Annette. I haven't gotten to the point of working out problems but from what I've read I hear it can be a few things...
    If the diaper is soaked then you might:
    -Need to change the diaper more often.
    -Need to put different or more inserts in your diaper.

    If the diaper is not soaked then you might:
    -Have a problem with fit (too tight or loose or diaper is on incorrectly in some way)
    -Have a problem with buildup (need to strip your diapers).

    Hope you figure out what the problem is. If you do let me know on here. : )

  3. I would have had few problems had I been able to visit a brick & mortar shop before starting our fluff journey. And hubby would have been less resistant to continuing cloth along the way as well. The closest one to us is over an hour away, in the 2 years I have lived here, I still haven't gone there lol.

    Advice to newbies: find the closest brick & mortar store you can and go! Bring your significant other or whoever else would be doing a lot of diaper changes. Feel the diapers, try snapping or using the velcro. Ask for a doll to "try them on". Become familiar and you'll have a much smoother transition into the cloth world!

  4. This store was 4 hours away from me. I don't have any that are close at all! Makes me want to open a store of my own. I agree. It helps so much to see them in person. The owner was so helpful too.


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