Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Great Search (Fitteds)

I'm more than halfway through my research process of which diapers I'm going to test out with our newest addition.  This is part four of my six part Great Diaper Search.  Next up on my list is fitted diapers.

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted 2.0

Fitted Diapers are cloth diapers that are absorbent, but lack a waterproof cover, so you will need to add a cover separately.  The plus side to this is that like an AI2, you can re-use the covers a few times before washing.  The down side is that it's kind of like putting on two diapers.  Another plus to a fitted diaper is that you'll be getting double the protection.  You'll have the first barrier of the elastic on the legs from the fitted diaper and then you'll have the second barrier from the elastic on the cover.  Poop is going to have a hard time making it's way out of these.  Fitted diapers come in both snap or aplix, and a wide assortment of fabrics including cotton, hemp, and bamboo.  You can get inexpensive fitted diapers for about $12 with no frills, or you can get some really cute ones from work at home moms (WAHM) for around $30-$50.  

Like the All-In-Two diapers, this was another type of diaper that I struggled with and had to do lots of research.  In the beginning I didn't plan on testing any of these out except in the newborn stage because I wanted to keep our cloth diaper stash as easy to use as possible for Brian.  But after lots of research I found that fitted diapers are a lot of families go to diaper for naps and nighttime.  Their absorbency and ability to keep messes in make it a great fit for baby going long stretches of time without a diaper change.  Paired with a wool or fleece cover they are a perfect match for nighttime.

Listed below are the fitted diapers I have decided to test out.  I'm sure later down the road I'll want to test out a few more WAHM fitteds, or better yet, I'd love to try and sew my own.

Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted
I'm so excited to try out the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diapers.  I've heard so many great things about these diapers that I don't even know where to start.  They come in two sizes and both sizes adjust their rise to four different settings so you get a wide range of fit from only two different sizes.  These diapers also come in both snap and aplix.  I think I'm going to try the aplix first for ease of use.  I also love that these diapers have a pocket so you can add additional absorbency if needed during naps or nighttime and the pocket also helps with getting the diapers cleaner in the wash and dry faster in the dryer.  Another great feature is that these diapers have a microfleece lining that helps to wick moisture away from baby's bottom, keeping them dry feeling and preventing diaper rash.  The last feature that I love is that these diapers are covered in a cotton velour that is oh so soft and comes in cute colors.  These diapers retail for about $17.  Click HERE for more info.

Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitted
To most cloth diaperer's, Sustainablebabyish Fitted's are known as the "Magic Diaper".  That is because they are extremely absorbent and many moms use them for their go to diaper for nighttime when nothing else will work.  Paired with a wool cover, I hear these diapers are unbeatable.  This is a snap diaper and they come in five different sizes.  That's a lot of sizing up, but if they work as well as I've heard, then I'm sure it's worth the extra cost.  One of the great features of this diaper is that they have a snap in soaker which helps with added absorbency.  I have heard some complaints on the texture of the diaper after many uses, but this has been a mixed opinion.  The diapers come in natural colors, colored serging, or a few solid colors.  These diapers retail for about $25.  Click HERE for more info.

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted
I already know I'll be using these during the newborn period, but I'd like to test them out to see if I want to use them in the infant and toddler period as well.  I just keep looking at the price compared to the other fitted diapers I want to try and I just really want these to work.  I've heard they are not as absorbent as the others, but I don't plan on using them as my nighttime diaper.  I'll just use them as a daytime diaper and cover them with some super cute diaper covers.  I also know that they just came out with their new 2.0 series with better sizing and better absorbency than the old version.  These diapers retail for about $13.  Click HERE for more info.

Twinkie Tush
I've decided that I would really like to have at least one really cute fitted diaper to test out.  At the moment I'm thinking that diaper will be the Twinkie Tush diaper.  I've heard they are comparable in absorbency to the Sustainablebabyish, only they look way cuter.  I want whatever cute fitted I select to be really absorbent so that I can let them go without a cover in the house.  I don't want to waste that cuteness.  I'm still not sure though.  They're pretty hard to get since they only stock these diapers once a week and they go at the blink of an eye.  I'll keep researching to find other options, but for now I think these are a good fit.  These diapers retail for about $32.  Click HERE for more info.

Next up on my list are prefolds.  I don't plan on trying many prefolds, but didn't want to knock it completely off my list, so the next section will probably be fairly short.  Hope you are enjoying my Great Diaper Search, and my Adventures In Fluff.

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