Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Great Search (Pockets)

The next post in my six post series leads on to pocket diapers.  Still on my search for diapers to test out after our little boy arrives I now come to the diaper system that seems to appeal to me the most.

A typical Pocket Diaper is a two part system that require the diaper and the insert.  They have a waterproof exterior with a moisture wicking interior with a pocket either in the front or the back.  The diapers are not absorbent on their own.  To create the absorbency needed you would stuff the pocket with inserts, doublers, a prefold, or a combination of the three.  Inserts come in all different materials that have different levels of absorbency.  There are a few exceptions, such as a fitted diaper that has a pocket, but does not have a waterproof exterior.  These would need a cover, but I have not included those in with this section.

I love pocket diapers because they have so many absorbency options and because you can remove the inserts they are easier to clean in the washer and dry a lot faster than some of the other systems.  They'll also be very easy for my husband, Brian, to use as long as I have them pre-stuffed and ready to go.  The cons to a pocket diaper is the time it takes to un-stuff and stuff each diaper.  They are also a one use diaper, so unlike the AI2 system you will need a new diaper each time.

Here are the pocket diapers that I've decided to test out when our little boy comes.  I know there are a lot in this section, but like I said, this seems to be the systems that I'm most attracted to.

BumGenius 4.0 One Size Stay Dry Pocket
The BumGenius pocket diapers seem to be one of the most popular diapers right now.  There was no question on whether or not I would test these.  They are a one size diaper so they grow with your child drom birth to potty training, and they come in both snaps and aplix.  I was going to try both snaps and aplix, but have heard the aplix isn't that great on these, so I think I'll hold off for now on the aplix.  There are also the artist series diapers with cool prints in addition to the solid colors.  These diapers retail for about $17.95 (solid colors) - $19.95 (artist series).  Click HERE for more info.

FuzziBunz One Size / Perfect Size
FuzziBunz are the other diaper brand that I see almost everyone has in their stash.  There are two different types of these diapers.  There is the One Size that grows with your child and the Perfect Size which is a 5 size system that you trade up as your child grows.  The great thing about the One Size FuzziBunz is that they change the size of the diapers through a hidden adjustment elastic in the leg instead of snaps all up and down the front.  I do hear that the Perfect Size diapers have a better fit though.  These diapers only come in solid colors.  These diapers retail for about $17.95 (perfect size) - $19.95 (one size).  Click HERE for more info.

KaWaii Baby One Size Snap Closure Pocket
I can't wait to try out the KaWaii diapers.  Not only do they have cute patterns, but they also come at a great price!  KaWaii diapers have a great reputation (except for their aplix), and I've heard of them almost as much as the BumGenius and FuzziBunz.  They have all different types to choose from, including solid colors, prints, minky covers, night time diapers, heavy wetter diapers, and diaper covers.  Kawaii is also a One Size diaper.  For my testing purposes I'm going to get the One Size Snap Closure in a Fun Print, and a One Size Snazzy Minky Diaper.  These diapers retail for about $9.35 - $12.95.  Click HERE for more info.

Bummies Easy Fit by Tots Bots
I'm really excited to try the Bummies Easy Fit by Tots Bots.  I love that they are an aplix diaper and I've heard that their aplix works really well.  That is a major plus for my husband, Brian.  I also like that their insert is sewn to the top of the diaper so you don't lose it.  This mean that you get the benefit of a pocket diaper that it's easy to clean and fast to dry, but you also get the benefit of an All-In-One since you don't have to search for the right insert for the diaper.  I also like the cute patterns they have to choose from.  These diapers retail for about $23.50.  Click HERE for more info.

AppleCheeks 2 Size Envelope Cover
Applecheeks is another diaper that I'm excited to test out.  These diapers have a large pocket opening in the center of the diaper which makes it easier to stuff each diaper, even for dads.  They also can be used as a diaper cover.  This would allow you to use your diaper cover more than once.  This diaper is a sized diaper, but there are only two sizes, so it's more economical that a 5 size diaper.  AppleCheeks have gotten great reviews and I hope they work as well for us as they have for others. These diapers retail for about $19.00 + Inserts ($9.00).  Click HERE for more info.

Rump.A.Rooz G2 One Size Pocket
The Rump-A-Rooz diapers have gotten mixed reviews, but I just couldn't pass up their cute patterns.  They are just sooooo cute!  Overall the reviews are pretty good, but there have been some concerns that these diapers are not good for a tall baby since the rise is a little shorter.  I don't think my girls were on the tall end of the scale, so they should work just fine.  These diapers retail for about $23.50.  Click HERE for more info.

Happy Heiny's One For All Pocket
The Happy Heiny's is another diaper that has gotten mixed reviews, but I just had to try because of the prints.  The only bad reviews I have seen on these is that they are not good for babies with skinny legs.  They work a lot better on chunky thigh babies.  Riley was a chunky thigh baby, and Reagan was about average, so I guess we'll see what number three will bring us.  I hope they work out because they are just soooooo cute!  These diapers retail for about $18.95.  Click HERE for more info.

I know it's a lot of diapers on this list and hopefully I don't add anymore, but I'm pretty sure I'll find a diaper or two that I fall in love with from this list.  Next up on my Great Diaper Search is fitted diapers.  Better get to researching.  I hope you are enjoying my Adventures In Fluff.

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