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Surro Files - 35 Weeks At My Sister's Baby Shower

The Bun
Baby is about the size of a coconut (18 inches) and 5.25 pounds.  At this point all of the baby's major organs should be nearly complete.  Baby's kidneys are completely developed and the liver is functional and capable of processing waste products.

35 Weeks Pregnancy Coconut

The Oven
Growing....  Growing.... Growing....  Haha!  Doing well with the baby oven till this weekend.  This weekend by pelvic pain kicked it up a notch.  I'm not sure what happened.  I could barely sleep with the pain and to say I had difficulty getting out of bed and walking to the restroom in the morning would be an understatement.  Let's just hope this change is temporary.  Maybe I slept wrong?  Not sure, but it's totally not cool.  At least we're in the home stretch, so if the feeling is here to stay then we only have a month to go anyways.  I can tough it out that long.  I might just need to stretch it out a bit more.  We'll see if that works.

34 Weeks Pregnant Belly

The Happenings In the Kitchen
This week was my daughters' last week of school.  Lots of busy busy fun as they got ready for summer.  Movie days, Olympic Day, Party Days, and the Talent Show.  The Talent Show was the best part of all.  My girls performed the song "Let It Go" from Frozen, with their friend.  They did great!!!  I was so proud of them for getting up in front of the whole school to sing and they were proud of themselves.  I also got them all set up for summer school.  Looks like they'll be taking Ballet, Book Writing, & Edible Art.  Sounds like lots of fun to me.  Hope they like it!

As for me... I had another OB appointment on Thursday.  I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks which was not awesome, but not horribly bad.  At least the nurse didn't say it was bad.  Most importantly, baby is doing great.  Heartbeat was in the 130's - 140's as usual and belly was measuring about 2-3 weeks ahead.  Because I'm still measuring ahead, it looks like we're going to do another growth ultrasound to make sure baby isn't too big.  The nurse did feel the head and thought it felt pretty small so she's not worried we have a big baby on our hands, but we're going to check just to make sure.  Yay for another peek at baby, and Belle will be here for that visit!!!!  Perfect timing!!!

This weekend I made my last trip out of town.  I drove 6 hours down to Southern California for my sister's baby shower.  I still can't believe she's due only a week after Belle's baby and I can't wait to see my new baby nephew!  She had a Lil' Mister Baby Shower, complete with lots of mustaches to go around.  I didn't throw the actual party because it would have been just too hard being as far along as I am, but I did help out with a few things.  I created a photo booth with lots of little props for guests to take pictures with, I made a baby shower sign, and I took pictures for the event.  It was lots of fun and everyone had a great time!!!  I still can't believe that the next time I see my sister she will either be in labor, or have a baby (depending on if I make it there in time for the birth or not).

Mustache Baby Shower

Mustache Baby Shower Photo Booth

The Chefs (an update from Belle)

"This week was full of more fun baby stuff! We got the: car seat, crib, stroller, bottles, diaper bag, and many more little items all shipped out! We also got another gift sent out to Chana- hopefully it arrives and comes in handy. This week, I was also able to change my flight, and will now be arriving a day earlier. The time cant come soon enough, I'm getting very anxious waiting around here!!!" - Belle

Coming Soon !!!
June 19th - 36 week OB Appt. - Just a routine visit.
June 24th - Belle Gets Here - Belle gets here to wait it out for the big day.  Lots of stuff to do!
June 26th - 37 week OB Appt. - Growth Ultrasound & OB Visit.
July 2nd - 38 week OB Appt. - Just a routine visit.
July 2nd - Adam Gets Here - Adam gets here to wait it out for the big day.  We're all ready to go!
July 12th - 40 week OB Appt. - Just a routine visit.  We will NOT make it to this appointment!  Haha!
July 13th - DUE DATE!!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed and faces blocked out to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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