Saturday, May 17, 2014

Surrogacy America

As you all know, I am a surrogate helping a couple to make their dreams come true of starting a family.  In that quest, I love to see other companies that are also working to make other couples dreams come true to start their own families.  Below you can read about one of those companies and decide if you too want to start your own journey to becoming a parent or surrogate.

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Surrogacy America is dedicated to fulfilling dreams around the world by bringing together extraordinary surrogate mothers and loving prospective parents.  We are a group of experienced and caring professionals dedicated to helping people from all parts of the globe build their families. Our Maryland location is an easy travel destination for intended parents from the U.S. and around the world, and also provides convenient access to gestational surrogates from nearby surrogacy-friendly states.

For prospective parents, Surrogacy America offers a roster of extraordinary women, ready to be matched as surrogate mothers immediately. You will be given the full support of our team as we take you step-by-step through the surrogacy process.  For those looking to become a surrogatemother, Surrogacy America will to there to guide you through the process, alleviating any concerns you may have to ensure that your surrogacy journey is pleasant and fulfilling experience.

Please contact us and see for yourself why so many prospective parents and surrogate mothers rave about working with us and why fertility doctors around the world trust our services and continually refer their patients to us.

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  1. "You get that feeling that you've created a family. And there's not very many things that you can say have changed somebody's life. You've got such a sense of pride."


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