Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Girls New Surfer Room Is DONE!!!

The Girls Are Crazy Excited!!!!
Wow!  I've been working on the design of this room since last summer, and the actual transformation of the room since the first day of 2014.  It's been a labor of love and worth every ounce of energy I've put into it.  The girls LOVE their new room!!!!!!  We've went from a tomboy styled Cars room, to a hip surfer girl room that they're excited to show all their friends when they come over.  What more can two little big girls ask for?  Sorry it's taken me so long to post pictures.  We've been go go go lately.

If you'd like to see the planning that went into this room and the before pictures, please see my  previous post ... A New Year, A New Room.  And yes, you might notice that the slide did not happen.  Boo!!!!!  Brian thought it would make the room too much of a play place instead of a sleep place.  Kill Joy!  Haha!  The girls love it anyways ... although they do bring up the slide now and then.

So without further ado, here are some pictures of the girls new room!

The bed was existing.  I really couldn't tell you who made it, but I did buy it at USA Baby if that helps.  The bedding is from the "Surfs Up Tropic" bedding collection.  I got my set off of Ebay, but you can find it several places online.  The curtains and blue accent pillows on the bed are from Anna's Linens.  The blue rug (I cut up to fit the loft and floor) is from Target.  The grass window valances are from  They were table skirts that I cut up and glued to a curtain rod.  The surfboard sign is custom cut by a friend of ours and I painted it myself.  The surfboard decals on the wall are from Pottery Barn Kids.  Sorry, can't remember where the clock is from, but I did use nail polish to paint the numbers on it.

The same friend of ours that cut out the surfboard made this awesome loft for us!!!!  Isn't it awesome?!?!  I did all the painting on it.  The little table and chairs under the loft and the stuffed animal storage hanger are from Ikea.  The Hello Kitty wall decal is from Fat Head.  The bed sheets are from Pottery Barn Kids.

The dresser is from Ikea.  The bookshelf on top of the dresser was a companion piece with the bunk beds.  The light under the bunk bed and under the loft are from Ikea.  The star knobs are from Rejuvenated Creations on Etsy.  Please feel free to ask me if I forgot to list the source of anything.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.


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