Monday, March 17, 2014

Surro Files - 23 Weeks & Rockin' Out To TOOL!!!

The Bun
Baby is now about the size of a grapefruit (11.5 in) and 1.1 pounds.  Baby is probably quite active by now and you should be able to feel movement or kicks in your belly.  It might even be possible to see the movements on the surface of your skin.  Overall baby is now more proportioned from head size to the rest of the body and is looking more and more like a newborn. - The Bump

I would definitely say baby is VERY active!!!  I don't know when this little one sleeps.  Haha!  Ok, baby isn't always moving, but it sure does seem like it sometimes.  Here is an awesome video I got of baby getting down and crazy with some kickboxing late at night.  Sorry in advance for the sight of my overly stretched out skin.  It's been through a lot of stretching over the years.

Baby is now the size of a grapefruit - photo by Belle & Adam

The Oven
Bigger and bigger.  Haha!  I know.  My update is always the same.  But yes, it's just getting bigger and I keep getting comments that I look way bigger than I should.  Ugh!  I think I noticed some braxton-hicks contractions this week.  Those are basically practice contractions getting ready for the big day.  They're not really painful.  Just firm pressure and the belly hardens and then releases again.

The belly @ 23w at the TOOL concert

The Happenings In the Kitchen
Ok, this week was all about TOOL!!!!!!!  My husband and I met over our love of the band TOOL, and by now Brian has probably been to about 35 TOOL concerts, while I've been to about 20.  Yes, I think we like them just a bit.  Haha!  Well it's been awhile since TOOL has been in concert, so when we heard they were doing a mini tour we were all over it.  Preggo or not, we were going!  Ok, I was a bit worried about the loud noise, but I Googled rock concerts and pregnancy, and found that there was nothing to worry about.  Baby is well protected by all my fat layers, and their ears aren't developed enough to really hear sounds as loud as we do anyways.

So last Tuesday we drove to San Francisco for my first concert of the tour (Brian had already been to two in Oregon).  What was special about this concert??  We got VIP tickets!!!!!!  OMG!  It was the most amazing day ever!!!  100 of us VIP holders were led into the venue at 1pm.  We waited awhile then were led upstairs to a room where Adam Jones (the guitarist from TOOL) held a meet and greet with Q&A at the end.  He talked all about his life, how he got started with art, then music, and then TOOL.  He also showed us how he plays a lot of the songs and some fancy tricks on the guitar (which he passed around so we could touch it).  Afterwards there was a Q&A session with Adam (although I'm too shy to ask questions), and then we got to take pictures with Adam.  When I went in the room to take my picture he was excited to hear about the surrogacy.  He gave me a big hug and asked to touch the belly.  Of course I said yes.  Maybe he passed some of his great artistic talents on.  Then we went down to watch the sound check where they played a few songs before the show.  The show was awesome!!!

TOOL!!!!!!!  We're Here!!!! (night #2)
So Excited To Meet Adam Jones (TOOL's Guitarist)
Brian and I with some TOOL video props
Wednesday we went back for round 2 of TOOL.  No VIP that night, but by some amazing luck we scored awesome seats!!!  We got there after the opening band had already started and all the seats were full.  With general admission I thought we were doomed to the nose-bleed section way at the top.  But just before I headed up the stairs someone pulled me aside and said I could sit in the handicap section.  Whoot!!!!!!  Score!  Best seats ever!  Baby bean seemed to like this night the best.  They were kicking all over the place.  Haha!

Round 3 was Friday.  One last show in our hometown of Fresno.  Another great night, another great show!  Farewell TOOL!  We'll see you next time.

The Chefs
No update from Belle and Adam this week.  I knew they were busy so I couldn't bear to ask them to add one more thing to their plate.  I will let you know that it sounds like they had a lot of fun amiss their business though.  Adam had fun at a race car event in Switzerland and Belle spent all week with her Grandma in London shopping for baby.  They're also trying to sell their current home so they can move closer to family, so lots of cleaning and getting ready to show the house this coming week.  I've got my fingers crossed for them.  Would be great to have family around to help out when their bundle of joy gets here.

Oh, I should also note that Belle has finally started her cloth diaper shopping and being a cloth diaper addict myself, I know exactly what she's going through right now.  Overwhelmed, excited, and diapers on the brain non-stop.  Haha!  Yes, we're just crazy like that.

Oh!  And they got the crib put together!!!!!  Whoo hoo!  All ready to go.

One Of The Many Cloth Diapers Already On The Way
Adam getting the crib all set up.
Coming Soon !!!
April 3rd - 25 Week OB Appt - Meeting with the certified nurse midwife.
April 30th-7th - Belle Visits - Yay!!!!  Baby Shower, Disneyland, Fun Ultrasound.  Fun Fun Fun!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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