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Surro Files - 20 Weeks And Halfway There With Belle and Adam!

The Bun
Baby is now about the size of a banana (6.5 in) and 10.6 oz.  Their skin will become covered with a waxy-like substance called vernix which will protect their skin from becoming scratched or chapped.  Baby is also starting to produce meconium, the result of digestion, which will accumulate in their bowels and eventually pass during deliver or shortly after.

Saw the baby bun kick for the first time on Friday with my eyes.  Of course it was right after Belle and Adam had left to go home, but the chances of seeing a kick are still pretty slim right now.  As soon as baby starts kicking, if I look in that direction or put my hand on my belly to feel... they stop kicking instantly.  It's as if baby knows I'm paying attention.  Haha!  Must be shy.

Baby is now the size of a Banana.  Yum!!!!!!! - photo taken by Belle & Adam

The Oven
Just getting bigger and bigger.  Haha!  I know it's always the same update.  None of my old jeans fit anymore, and none of my old shirts do either unless they are really long and I probably wore them my last pregnancy too.  Just for comparison... I started out about 106 lbs and 29 inches around my waist.  Now I'm about 128 lbs and 37 inches around my waist.  Ack!!!!!!  So in 20 weeks I've gained about 23 pounds and 8 inches.  Time to kick up my exercise a notch.  I have been faithful to my yoga classes on Saturdays at least.  Yay for that!

Mommy & Baby @ 20 Weeks

The Happenings In the Kitchen & With The Chefs
This week has been awesome!!!!  Both Belle and Adam came to visit for the 20 week Anatomy scan and we had a busy fun week.  Belle did lose her luggage again (what's wrong with the airlines???) but she got it back the next day, so it wasn't too bad.  Here's a look at our busy week...

Monday - The girls were off school today so I wanted to take Belle on a day trip somewhere with the whole family.  We were going to head up to the snow, but since it hasn't snowed in awhile, we opted for the Santa Cruz Boardwalk instead.  It was quite the drive, but well worth it.  The weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded at all.  We got on quite a few rides while we were there, and the girls even convinced Belle to ride on the kids scary up and down ride.  Normally Belle wouldn't ride things like that, but at least she's getting ready for all the rides the girls will drag her on when we go to Disneyland.  Haha!  We also got some yummy treats while we were there.  The ice cream was yummy, and the local salt water taffy is a must!

Tuesday - Belle and I headed out shopping like crazy.  We shopped for baby clothes, maternity clothes, nursing bras for Belle, and browsed baby stuff for hours.  Phew!  That was quite the shopping day.  Afterwards we picked up dinner and then headed to the hospital for our birthing class.  Yes, this is my fourth pregnancy and you'd think I'd know what to do by now, but this will be a whole new experience for Belle and this is my first surrogacy, so it was great to learn how that will work in a hospital setting.  It was actually all really interesting and I even learned a few new things to look into for the birth, such as positions, clothing, and placenta encapsulation.  After the class we took a tour of the hospital.  They're still under construction, but it should be done before the birth and I will say that the recovery rooms look AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday - This was a relaxing kind of day.  Belle and I swung by the hospital one more time to take 20 week photos in front of it, and then headed to Jacks Jungle House so my son Linc could get some energy out.  Guess it worked because he conked out after lunch.  Haha!  I'll admit I did too.  I was wore out!  After naps, Belle joined the girls and I for their gymnastics class, then she headed out to the airport to pick up Adam.  I'm sure he was exhausted, so that was the end of that day.

Thursday - This was the BIG DAY!!!!  Anatomy scan day!  Brian, Bell, Adam, and I, all met up for lunch first.  I can't believe it's been a year since I saw Adam.  Crazy!  It was great getting us all together again.  They're so fun to hang out with and they loved the Doghouse Grill we took them to.  Yum!  Afterwards I hitched a ride with Belle and Adam and we headed to the hospital to give Adam a mini tour.  We just looked at the grounds, lobby, and cafeteria, but he thought it looked really nice and brand new.  After that we swung by Best Buy really quick and then headed downtown for the ultrasound.  The highlight of the day!  Unfortunately we didn't think to load me up with sugar before hand so baby would be awake, but we still got a good view of their sleepy baby.  Everything looked great and healthy.  Heart rate was 144, estimated weight was about 12 ounces, and age based on size was about 20 weeks 1 day (measuring 4 days ahead).  We even got a few 3D views while there.  It was a bit difficult since baby was using the placenta as a pillow, but we finally got around it and got a few good shots.  Yay!  Adam stuck to his guns and held out on finding out the sex, so it looks like we'll be waiting till birth as planned... unless he caves before then.  Later that night we all met up again for dinner.  Linc didn't make it since it was pretty late, but the girls did.  They were shy at first meeting Adam for the first time, but after about 5 minutes they were back to their crazy selves.  Haha!  We even got a few family pics in before they left.

Ultrasound at 20 weeks
Baby resting their head against the placenta while sleeping.

Ultrasound at 20 weeks
Baby sleeping during the whole ultrasound

Friday - Belle and Adam flew out this morning, but I forgot to get their gift back from them the night before.  I got them the Belly Buds system so that they can record their voices, their dogs, friends, family, music, or anything they want for the baby to hear.  I thought this would be a great way for them to connect before their bundle of joy is finally born.  So I ran by the hotel to get the headphones back, and also thought it would be a great time for Adam to meet Linc since he didn't make it to dinner.  Of course Linc was social as usual and had to show off his Monsters shoes.  Haha!

Going to really miss Belle and Adam, but I know the months will fly by and Belle will be back for her spring trip, and then they'll both be back again this summer for the birth.  Ack!!!!  It's going by so fast!!!!

Belle, Adam, and their baby ... oh, and my belly too.

Coming Soon !!!
March 6th - 21 Week OB Appt - Meeting with the doctor again on this appointment.  Love her!
April 3rd - 25 Week OB Appt - Meeting with the certified nurse midwife.  Love her too!
April 30th-7th - Belle Visits - Yay!!!!  Baby Shower, Disneyland, Fun Ultrasound.  Fun Fun Fun!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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