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Surro Files - 12 & 13 Weeks For The New Year!

The Bun
At 12 weeks the baby was the size of a plum (2.1 in), but now at 13 weeks the baby is the size of a peach (2.9 in) and weighs about .81 oz.  The baby's facial features are becoming more defined.  The eyes have moved towards the front of the face and the chin and nose have taken more shape.  The fingernails are now well formed and in the baby's brain synapses are rapidly growing.  Until now the baby's head has been proportionally larger than the rest of their body, but around this time the baby's body will start to catch up and grow more proportional to the head.  Not only that, but the baby's motor skills are also starting to work.  They are able to move and flex the arms and legs, but unfortunately I won't be able to feel all this movement for a little while longer.

Baby is now the size of a peach @ 13 weeks
The Oven
The oven is getting bigger!  I swear I'm carrying three babies, but alas it is only one.  That can only mean one thing... I'm eating wayyyyy too much.  Gah!  Why does everything look so good????  Belle did tell me that the baby is in a major growing phase right now though and pretty much doubled in size from weeks 12 to 13.  Wow!  That would explain things.  It might also explain how tired I am.  I'm seriously tired all the time.  It's 6pm as I write this and I could seriously go for bedtime right now.  So pathetic.  Haha!
Belly in Week 12 - Baby Gets To Eat A Yummy Christmas Dinner!
Bell in Week 13 - Yummy Sparkling Cider for New Years!
The Happenings In the Kitchen
Well, since I haven't updated in two weeks, a lot has been happening in the kitchen.  Christmas for one thing.  It was great!  I love Christmas.  It's my favorite time of the year.  I love the decorations, I love giving gifts, I love the snow, and I love Christmas dinner!  It's all just too perfect and this year definitely didn't let us down.  Like I said in my last post, we stayed up at a cabin for the holidays this year.  There really wasn't much snow, but the setting was perfect.  We got plenty of snow play time in, made a gingerbread house, did lots of baking, and I even cooked the whole Christmas dinner myself (with a little help from my girls).  Oh!  And I finally got to open the gift from Belle and Adam that's been sitting under my tree!!!  It is a huge body pillow that wraps around you like a little nest.  It seriously is the best pillow EVER!!!!  I'm pretty sure that even when I'm not pregnant I'll still be using it.  Thanks Belle and Adam!!!!!!

Christmas Dinner At The Cabin
Cooking Up A Storm With My Mini Me Helper, Riley
Then there was New Years.  We keep New Years pretty low key these days, but we still had fun.  The in-laws joined us for a yummy dinner and then we rung in the new year at 9 pm with the kids.  We're on the west coast, but who says you can't celebrate with the east coast?  Haha!  Works for us.  We all wore hats and popped poppers.  I even had a nice glass of sparkling cider.  Yum!  I'm sure the little bun liked that.

New Years With The family
New Years day the girls left with the in-laws to go camping and I got started on their Christmas gift.  I got them a whole new room makeover to turn their room from a Cars room into a Surfer Girl room.  They are so excited to see how it turns out.  You can read the full blog post on what it will look like HERE.  They actually get home today and the room is almost done.  Yay!  The rest will have to wait till later, but I'll keep posting pictures and post the final results on my blog.

The Chefs
Belle and Adam shared the big news with friends and family on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!  It sounds like everyone is really excited and can't wait to meet their newest member of the family.  They were on Skype and writing e-mails till the wee hours of the night answering questions and receiving congratulations.  So excited for them!!!!!!!

They also finally got to open my Christmas gifts for them!!!!  I was so excited to see what they thought.  I got Belle an Alice In Wonderland tea cup that says "I'm late, I'm late, For a Very Important Date!"  Haha!  It makes me think of the baby's due date.  I also got her some tea to go with it since she loves tea.  I got Adam three POP figures from the Walking Dead TV show series.  We love that show and I know Adam does too.  I also got them both a book about how their baby was born... from the heart!  It's so sweet!  Then I had the last gift saved since our transfer.  I requested that the fertility clinic give me the petri dish that their baby was first created in.  Those were the first 5 days of their new life and I thought they would want to have it.  The clinic thought it was an odd request, but gave in and let me have the dish.  Yay!

Belle & Adam's Christmas Gifts
Other than that, I'm just so excited that Belle will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  So excited!!!!!!  I'm sure the bun is jumping up and down in anticipation.... although I can't feel anything so it's hard to say.  I guess we'll see what they're up to at our ultrasound on Thursday.  I've got lots of plans for us while she's here and hope I don't wear her out too much.  She'll need a resting vacation after this vacation.  Haha!

Coming Soon !!!
Belle Comes To Visit January 7th - 11th.  Excited!!!!!!!!!!
Our NT Scan is January 9th This is the ultrasound where they will look for abnormalities.  Hoping we don't see anything out of the ordinary.  It really is an amazingly detailed scan.  Belle will be flying out for this one!!!!
Our first OB appt with Dr. B is January 10th  We will be almost 14 weeks into the pregnancy at this point.  Super excited that Belle will be flying out for this one too!!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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