Thursday, October 24, 2013

Surro Files - Tomorrow Is The Day!!!!!

At My Monitoring Appointment
Ok, I totally promised you all daily updates this week and I've failed you all big time.  Tuesday I was too busy packing.  Wednesday I was too busy flying.  Today I was too busy having fun.  Gah!  So now it's 9pm and I'm finally getting around to telling you all what the hell is going on.  Well, we're a go and we're transferring tomorrow at 9:45 am EST!!!!!!!  How's that for an update?!?!?!  for those of you that want more details though... here you go.

Tuesday - I never heard back from the clinic about my blood work, but I'm assuming all looked great because my agency booked all the travel.  Yay!!!!!  I spent all day shopping for odds n ends (like gum, socks, and a new shirt... exciting I know), packing my suitcase (more exciting stuff), and cleaning the house (wow, that was an exciting day!).

Wednesday - I woke up at 2am too excited to sleep and finally got out of bed at 3:30am to get ready.  Yep, I had an early bird flight at 6:30 am and I didn't want to be late.  My first flight from Fresno, CA to Pheonix, AZ was about 2 hours.  Not bad at all.  I had a cup of coffee and read my book.  The second flight to New York unfortunately was 5 hours.  Gah!  That's not good news for a girl with a butt as boney as mine.  I really should bring a doughnut or something for a booty cushion.  On the plus side, this flight had wifi, so I got to quench my social networking needs.  Yay!  When we finally landed I instantly turned into, OMG I'm a tourist mode!  It took me an hour to find the rental car location, I forgot to turn on my headlights because my car normally does it for me, and I dropped my money twice while paying for tolls.  Gah!  Way to play it cool [palm to face].  In the end I got to Stamford in one piece though.  Enjoyed a room service burger, remembered that Survivor was on (yay!!!!), read my book till way too late, and went to bed.

Central Park, New York
Thursday - This morning I woke to my alarm to remind me to take my vitamins.  Good thing I had that set, or who knows how long I would have slept!  Jumped out of bed to do my yoga as I figure it was a major factor in my awesome lining, took a shower, and headed out to the clinic for my monitoring.  Wow!  New England Fertility Institute was booming!!!!  I'm a people watcher (watcher not stalker) so I didn't mind the wait.  Gave some blood to measure my hormone levels and had an ultrasound to check my lining and ovaries.  Everything looked great and my lining is holding strong at 9.2.  A little drop from Monday, but not bad considering lining usually drops after ovulation.  I even had the pleasure of Grace performing my ultrasound, who gave me a big hug as she was excited we were finally at this big exciting moment.  I also met my new coordinator Traci.  I've only worked with her a few weeks, but love her already!  They informed me of the transfer time, gave me some medication info and sent me on my way.

So today after my appointment I headed out the NYC.  You really can't come all the way out here without doing some sight seeing.  I kept it to a minimum though.  I just walked around Central Park and headed out to the row of statues that I keep wanting to see, but never get around to.  After that I headed to lunch at the Plaza across the street (OMG yum!) and then started my trek back to the hotel.  I tried to stay as relaxed as possible, but how can you in that traffic????  Thus, when I reached the hotel I got a much needed massage.  Let me tell you, this was the BEST massage I have EVER received and I just know it is sure to get us pregnant tomorrow!!!!  Belle and Adam, we are sooooo close to a due date!!!!!

Ok, I'm super tired and ready to head to bed.  I'll update tomorrow on how everything went.  Wish us luck!!!!!

Lunch @ The Plaza with a good book, The Baby Chase (review to come soon).

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*


  1. Why type of yoga do you do? I do yoga at my gym on post but didn't know if their were certain yoga positions you do to help?

    1. I think it's all pretty regular stuff. It's just a video I got. It's not hot yoga or any of that crazy fast yoga or anything. Just the basic stuff. I'm thinking the shoulder stand helps a lot to get your circulation going. Some of the twisting and back bending too because it gets your organs working better... or so my video says. I know there are videos especially for fertility yoga, but I really like this one so I just stuck with it.

  2. yea I don't do the hot sweaty yoga even though during the class I do sweat but its not the fast crazy sweaty stuff haha.


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