Monday, October 21, 2013

Surro Files - So Happy I Could Cry !!!

Well it's Monday again, and normally I write all my posts Sunday night so I can post them Monday morning, but this week I just didn't know what to say till now. Let me back up and tell you about my week before I get to the good stuff.

This week was OPK week (ovulation predictor kit).  I was testing each day for an LH surge that would tell me when I was going to ovulate.  So from Tuesday to Saturday I pee'ed on OPK sticks morning and night.  I think it was Friday morning that Belle told me that the next test just HAD to be darker and it was!  She was willing it to happen!  Then she also told me we just had to get a positive OPK by Saturday so that she would be totally excited before they left on their vacation this week, and...We got a positive!!!!  I'm telling you, Belle is pretty darn psychic!  She really should look into that profession.  Haha!  

So Saturday morning I got my positive OPK and was super excited!  Little did I know that Saturday would actually be the day that I ovulated also.  Normally you ovulate 24-48 hours later.  But I know I already did because I had HORRIBLE ovulation pains all day.  Plus my fertile cervical mucus dried up by the end of the day.  And to top it all off, my basal body temperature shot up the next morning.  I'll spare you all the fertility education, but all these signs point towards ovulation being on Saturday!

So today I was scheduled to go in for monitoring to see A - If I had actually ovulated (That was a given.  I already knew the answer to that.), and B - If my lining was think enough to transfer.  By now you all know that the word lining freaks me out!  It's always the one piece to this puzzle that just won't fit.  As calm as I've been this whole cycle, I couldn't help but stress this morning.  What if all the things I have done this month weren't enough????  What if this cycle was canceled too?  The stress was too much, so I finally popped on my yoga video and tried to breath through it all.

At 11am I got to my ultrasound appointment.  When they called me back I told the girl, all I want to
see today is fluffy lining!  Then when the ultrasound tech came in I told her, all I want to see today is fluffy lining!  So we started the ultrasound and I knew instantly it was a good sign that she turned the screen towards me!!!!!  I couldn't see anything, but after she messed with the buttons a bit, I could see it.  A NICE FLUFFY LINING!!!!!  She got the best picture she could get and then measured.  I about died when she said it was 10.2!!!!!!!!  OMG!  The biggest I've had was with our last transfer, and it was 8.7.  I must say that Belle was psychic with this one too, because she said she really wanted to see a 10... and we did it!!!!!!!

I don't know the final results yet, but I've never had bad blood work with all my past cycles, so I'm guessing all is a go.  They will call me tomorrow with the date, but so far they are guessing that I will fly out this Wednesday and transfer on Friday.  I really hope that Belle and Adam can Skype in, but even if they can't because they are flying on a plane, I will get some good video of their little beans.

So today starts my week long marathon of blog posts.  I'll keep you all updated as I get more info, right on through to the transfer.  I know this is it!  We are going to do it!!!!!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*


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