Monday, July 22, 2013

Surro Files - The Uterine Lining Pep Talk

"Ok lining...  We need to have a little talk.  Last month you let Belle, Adam, and I down, but this month you can redeem yourself!  We all know you've done this before.  We all know you have the potential for a nice fluffy interior.  Sooooooo...  This month I want you to think nice fluffy thoughts.  You're like fluffy pink cotton candy.  You're like a fluffy white cloud.  You're like those fluffy white bath robes at resorts that you just want to sneak in your suitcase and take home.  You're like a fluffy down comforter.  You're like that crazy "Fluffy" comedian, Gabriel Iglesias.  Ok, I think you get the idea.  My point is that you want to be like a pancake, not a crepe.  You want to be like a fluffy Persian cat, not a hairless Sphynx.  Think fluffy thoughts and grow lining grow!!!"

Ok, enough with the pep talk.  Let's just hope it does the trick.  I'm a little nervous since our last cycle that got cancelled, but then again, we're doing something totally different this time, so hopefully my body remembers what to do and gets it right this time.  Last Monday was the first day of my cycle (CD1).  Three days later I went in for my baseline monitoring appointment.  The clinic was just looking to see that my lining, ovaries, and hormones were all where they should be for day 1 of my cycle.  Well, all looked great!  My lining was nice and thin at 2mm.  My ovaries were looking good with 13 follicles on one and 15 follicles on the other.  My hormones were just where they should be.  It looks like a good start!  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't have anymore monitoring appointments until after I ovulate.  That means I'm just left to wonder if all is going well.  I'm going to think good thoughts though and assume all is great.

So what's up this week?  Well on Thursday I will start my Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK's).  Each morning and evening I will pee on a little stick (just like a home pregnancy test) and it will tell me if I'm going to ovulate soon.  The clinic actually only said to do the test in the morning, but after using OPK's while trying to get pregnant with my three kids I know I might miss the surge if I only test once.  I don't want to miss it.  When the test is positive I will call the clinic to let them know that I am going to ovulate.  A day or two after that I will have another monitoring appointment to confirm ovulation.  Then we're off to CT for the transfer!

I wish I had more to keep my mind busy till then, but I'm pretty sure that I'm just going to obsess till the day comes.  I envy Belle and all the activities she has to keep her mind busy.  She smartly planned this time so that she wouldn't be looking at the calendar every 5 minutes like I am (ok, I'm not really that bad).  She's been to Paris, London, Italy, and back to London a few times.  Now she's spending time with her brother before she heads out to Yew York City in less than a week.  I do have my birthday next weekend so that's one thing to steal my thoughts away.  I'll be the big 34.  Eeeeeeeeek!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey.


  1. I can assure you that even with a ton of activities Belle is probably thinking about this cycle all of the time. I tried to escape thinking about infertility many times and could never get far enough away to not think about it including traveling to the other side of the planet. I hope things go more smoothly for you this time.

    1. I know you're probably right, but I'm still glad she has any amount of distraction possible. Her family sounds great at keeping her busy. :)

  2. Hahaha I love the picture! Good luck and don't stress too much


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