Monday, July 29, 2013

Surro Files - OPK CRAZY!!!

Ok, things are moving quickly now so it's hard to say that the update I'm writing you right now is really the most up to date information.  I always write these posts the night before I post them so I'm sure I'll already have another update after I post this, but I'll try to keep you all in the loop.

So the goal this past week has been to detect when ovulation is going to occur.  In order to do that I have been doing OPK's since Wednesday.  Now OPK's and I go way back.  I used them while trying to conceive all three of my children and know how awesome they can be at predicting exactly when I will ovulate.  At the same time I also know how evil they can be.  Once you pee on sticks you will NEVER stop!  
OPK equals ...  Ovulation Pee-stick Krazy
(Yes, I know that crazy is not spelled with a K, but you get my drift)

I don't know where I went wrong!  I started out so good.  Wednesday through Friday I pee'ed on one OPK stick in the morning when I woke up and that was it!  I was calm.  I was good.  I didn't obsess.  I forwarded each photo to Belle so she could analyze them right along with me and we could cheer on together waiting for that positive OPK.  Now fast forward to Saturday.  That's when my whole sane world of OPK's and waiting for ovulation came crashing down.

My OPK's.  Still all negative
Saturday morning my OPK was negative again.  No big deal.  I also had clear stretchy cervical mucus which is a sign that ovulation is coming soon.  Fast forward to later in the day.  We headed out to the water park for my Birthday (Yes, I'm the big 34 now!!!!!)  From that point on I no longer had any clear stretchy cervical mucus.  It had turned to a dry/creamy cervical mucus.  This is usually a sign that ovulation has already occurred.  I tried not to let it worry me, but I'll admit that I checked my cervical mucus every time I went to the bathroom.  Probably even more than that.  Nothing!  Not one sliver of clear stretchy cervical mucus.  Fast forward yet again.  Today I started doing two OPK's per a day.  Negative!  Fast forward again.  When I went to sleep I was hot.  I'm talking really hot!  Now I'm not talking sexy lingerie hot.  I'm talking burning up like I'm going through menopause hot.  This is usually a sign that I've already ovulated.  I go from being very cold to very hot at the snap of a finger.  And then it began!

I was crazy!  Did I ovulate????  Did I miss the OPK surge????  I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep that whole night.  I just wished I knew what was going on.  What is my body doing?!?!?  Ahhhhhh!  OK, I let the crazies slip in.  Darn it!  To top it all off, it's the weekend, so I can't call the clinic and ask what I should do.  I'd have to wait till Monday.  I spent the whole day finding ways to keep calm and I did a pretty good job.  Belle of course helped me the most.  She's always so calm and positive.  She radiates excitement and a calm feeling at the same time.  I instantly felt better after she e-mailed me.  Even if I did ovulate we'll be fine.  It just means I'll be flying out ASAP for the transfer.  Eeeeeeek!

So here we are on Monday.  I've put in my call to the clinic and hope to hear back soon.  All OPK's are still negative (yes, I've taken a million) and my cervical mucus is still more of a dry/creamy consistency.  I wasn't burning up last night, but I do feel warmer than usual.  So now I'm just waiting.  Please call me clinic!  I'm hoping they let me go in for an ultrasound to confirm one way or the other.  Fingers crossed they call me soon.

From here on out things are going to move swiftly.  Because of that I'll be posting updates on here all week instead of weekly.  Keep your eyes open!  I'll probably have another update later today regarding where we go from here.  Thanks for sticking with me on this crazy ride!  We'll get there soon!!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey.      

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