Sunday, June 9, 2013

Surro Files - We're At Disneyland!

Today starts week two of the possible surrogate pregnancy.  It's been a pretty smooth and uneventful surrogacy week but a busy week for the family.  First off, last Thursday I had another monitoring appointment at the local fertility clinic.  First up was the ultrasound.  They checked my lining to make sure it is thickening up nicely and checked my ovaries to make sure they are staying dormant.  Everything looked pretty good.  My ovaries are staying dormant just like they should (thanks to the Lupron injections) and my lining is 5.4 (up from 3.6 last week).   Next up was my blood tests.  The blood tests are to monitor my hormone levels.  All looked pretty good but the clinic did want to see my estradiol levels a little bit higher.  To do that I'm now taking my Estradiol pills vaginally instead of orally.  I guess the hormones get absorbed better that way.  Fingers crossed it does the trick.  I've been doing it this way a couple days now and I will say, if you ever have to do this, make sure you're prepared with a panty liner.  I ended up having a freaky blue discharge (so sorry if that was too much information.  At least I didn't post a picture).   It's so crazy to work through this process.  IVF really is an artwork of medications increased, decreased, and changed up to create just the perfect environment.  I've really come to appreciate just how complicated and delicate a process it is. 

So that was late last week.  Where am I now?  Disneyland of course!!!!  The girls are out of school and we're celebrating.  We kicked off the weekend visiting my family who live in Southern California.  Then we headed over to Disneyland.   We're here till Wednesday and we're having a blast.  The girls even went on a few new rides (Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, and the Toon Town Roller Coaster).  My girls are getting so big!  Linc's favorite is still, It's A Small World.  Today we're doing the California Adventure park.  We'll see if Reagan really goes on Tower of Terror like she says she's going to.  That ride freaks me out!  Yes, I'm a wuss.  We even got some Geocaching in on our trip (yes, we're still obsessed).

So what's coming up next?  Well we get home from Disneyland on Wednesday.  Hopefully I hear about a firm transfer date before then (they don't book these things till about 5-7 days out).   I have my next monitoring appointment on Thursday.  Fingers crossed that everything looks perfect.  Friday I have an appointment with the life insurance company (hopefully I don't need it during this process).   Also happening this week; my sister and my cousin's son are coming to visit.  We're thinking of heading over to San Francisco and Yosemite.  This is his first time to California so we're trying to show him the sites.  Then in another week we should be heading back to Connecticut for the transfer. Eeeeeeek!  I'm so excited!  The intended mother, Belle, and I have been trying to get it all planned out.  We email almost everyday.  We just can't believe the day is almost here!!!

Ok, with that I'm going to leave you with a few vacation photos.  Hope they show up ok.  I'm on my phone.  I'll update again soon!!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey

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