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Mommy Loves Maddy - OS Hybrid Fitted Review

Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper
I've known the owner of Mommy Loves Maddy for quite awhile now and have enjoyed watching her business grow.  We first met in a cloth diaper chat forum talking about the ins and outs of cloth diapering.  During that time she was working on some of her first cloth diaper designs.  I started out testing one of her newborn covers on Linc and LOVED it!  Then I tested out one of her pocket diapers.  The real excitement came when she announced she was going to be adding hybrid fitted cloth diapers to the lineup.  Yay!!!!  I couldn't wait to get it in the mail.  What perfect timing too since the September Fitted Diaper Event was just getting under way.  Yes, this was a last minute add, but I'm so glad I'm able to present it to you.

Diaper Features:

Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - On my babySizing: One-Size fitting babies from approximately 10-35lbs via a snap down rise

Closure: Snaps (3 snaps per wing) & crossover wings

Exterior: Cotton Knit

Interior Lining: Organic Bamboo Velour or Cotton Velour

Hidden Layers: Poly Fleece

Soaker: This diaper comes with one soaker (white stitching), made with coordinating velour, heavy organic bamboo fleece, and lining fleece. Also included is an organic bamboo fleece doubler (black stitching) to boost absorbency overnight, during nap time, or for those heavier wetters

Manufactured: Canada

Approximate Retail Value: $24

Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - Inside and outside

Performance Review:

Ease Of Use: ♥♥♥ - With three snaps on each wing this diaper is pretty typical for a fitted diaper.  It does take some time, but once you get the hang of it, then you can snap these pretty quick.  The one item I would change to make this diaper faster to put on is the soakers.  I would love if they snapped in so that I didn't have to worry about keeping them straight while I try to put this diaper on my wiggly baby.  Maybe if one snapped into the other and then into the diaper so that you can still use them individually if you wanted to.  It would also be easier if they were just slightly skinnier.  I do like the wide soakers because they absorb a lot, but they just barely fit into the diaper shell.  Maybe just a 1/2 - 1" skinnier would be good.

Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - On my baby
Adjustability & Fit: ♥♥♥♥♥ - I love that this diaper has a snap down rise instead of a fold down rise.  I just think that they give you a lot more room for customization and work a lot better too.  I also like that this diaper has cross over wings to give your smaller babies a nice tight fit around the waist.  Now as far as bigger babies this diaper needs a few more snaps.  Linc has already maxed out the waist of this diaper and I've added hip snap covers so that I could expand the waist further without having exposed snaps digging into his skin.  If two more snaps were added to the front panel then he could still fit in this diaper without the hip snap covers.  I do love the nice snug fit around his waist and legs though.  No poop is going to escape this diaper!

Leak Protection: ♥♥♥♥♥ - This diaper is great as far as leak protection.  I have no fears letting Linc go around the house without a cover on during the day and had no leaks while using this diaper at night with a PUL cover.  I love how you can customize the absorbency of this diaper too.  Since the soakers are not sewn together you can use either one or both of these soakers together depending on how heavy of a wetter your baby is and how trim you want the diaper to be.

Wash Routine: ♥♥♥♥ -  Wash routine is pretty typical with this diaper.  I just throw the entire diaper in the wash and I love that I don't have to worry about hook and loop closures.  The inserts are separate so everything gets nice and clean and dries very fast (about 75 min).  The inserts don't snap in though so you will have to hunt around your laundry for the inserts and match them back up before putting this diaper away.

Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - On my baby
Bang For The Buck: ♥♥♥♥♥ -  This diaper is priced pretty average for a WAHM fitted diaper.  At least it's a one-size diaper so you won't have to size up over the years.  It will be even better when she adds two more snaps to the front panel so that the width can get even bigger without having to use hip snap covers.

Quality & Durability: ♥♥♥♥ - The quality and durability of this diaper is pretty good.  I've had no problems with this diaper.  The only thing I see is that the logo tag writing wears off pretty quickly.  Once in awhile I'll hit a snap that doesn't sound like it has super clicked together, but I haven't had any snaps come undone so I guess they're good.

The Look: ♥♥♥♥♥ -  I think the Mommy Loves Maddy diapers are so cute.  She's got lots of great prints and my husband just loves this football themed one.

In Conclusion:
Currently I would recommend this diaper to those with a small to average size baby that is anywhere from a light to very heavy wetter.  Larger babies could use this diaper, but I would invest in a pair of hip snap covers if you do.  They're actually really cheep.  I can usually find a pair for $2 on most WAHM sites.  I'm sure that Mommy Loves Maddy will be making some changes to accommodate larger babies though and I'll update you when these changes are made.
Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - Up Close
** Please note that while I aim to provide the most thorough and honest reviews possible, this review is based on my own preferences and experiences.  Each baby is different and each parent has different likes and dislikes.  What works for one may not work for another, so keep that in mind while doing your research.** "Meet the Diaper Testers".

Mommy Loves Maddy One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - On my baby
If you would like to purchase one of these diapers for your little one, then please visit Mommy Loves Maddy on Hyena Cart.  You can also find Mommy Loves Maddy on Facebook.

**Just a heads up.  Mommy Loves Maddy is sponsoring an awesome prize for the September Fitted Diaper Event Giveaway.  Check back here from September 28th - October 12th for your chance to win.**

**This review is comprised completely of my own opinions and was not influenced by any other outside source.  I won the above diaper on my own and was not compensated in any way for this review.**

So you can easily keep track of the September Fitted Diaper Event, I will add a link to each of the posts below.  No need to worry if you've missed one of the reviews.  I've got ya covered!


  1. I love the look of this diaper! Oh the fitted diaper love!

  2. What a cute diaper! I love OS diapers too so I can get more for my money!

  3. Yay! I finally finished this review! Rowyn was apparently very excited about this diaper too because she woke up while I was watching the review and started wiggling and giggling like mad!

  4. Love the diapers in her HC shop, especially the Purple Damask Organic Bamboo One Size Pocket Diaper.

  5. I've never heard of this brand, but I will certainly check them out!

  6. She is local to me, but I had never heard of her before reading your review a few days ago. Since then I've seen a couple more great comments about her on our local cloth diapering group. :)

    1. She's still fairly new (about a year) and the hybrid fitteds are very new to her shop. She's always coming out with new stuff and is super sweet.

  7. Super cute! I like a snap down rise better too. (Michelle Ferguson)

  8. Love this diaper! I much prefer the snap down rise over fold-down rise as well, and I like that it dries fairly fast! Can't wait to try one :)


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