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Green Mountain Diapers - Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diaper Review

Green Mountain Diapers - Cloth-eez Workhorse FittedIf you cloth diaper, then you most likely know about Green Mountain Diapers (GMD).  They carry the most popular prefolds on the market, Cloth-eez.  I've used their Cloth-eez prefolds and love them.  They're just so soft, thick, and squishy.  What you might not know is that Green Mountain Diapers also carries a fitted diaper made from their Cloth-eez prefolds.  These are called their Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diapers.  I bought a few when Linc was just a newborn with snaps, but decided to try them again for the September Fitted Diaper Event without snaps.  I was not a fan of the snaps, but this time around I was a lot happier.  Check out below to see how they worked for us.

Diaper Features:

Sizing:  This is a sized diaper coming in the following sizes - Newborn (up to 10 lbs), Small (9-15 lbs), Medium (15-24 lbs), Large (24-30 lbs), & XLarge (26-36 lbs).  For this review I used the XL.

Closure:  No-Closure or Snaps.  The no closure diaper has wings that are slightly longer.  You can secure the no-closure diapers with pins, a Snappi, a Boingo, or a tight fitting wrap.  

Diaper Construction: Serged edges with thread color that coordinates with the size of the diaper - Newborn (orange), Small (yellow), Medium (red), Large (brown), XL (green).  These are made using the GMD Cloth-eez prefolds which have a 4-8-4 layer construction.

Exterior:  100% Cotton (whitened)  

Interior Lining: 100% Cotton (whitened)

Hidden Layers: 100% Cotton (whitened)

Soaker: 100% Cotton (8 Layers whitened)

Manufactured:  Pakistan

Approximate Retail Value: $5 - $9.95
Green Mountain Diapers - Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted - Inside and Outside

Performance Review:

Ease Of Use: ♥♥♥♥ - These are super easy to use!  All you need is a Snappi and you're ready to go.  The soaker isn't really long so no need to fold it, and this is a sized diaper so no need to make a lot of adjustments to the rise of the diaper.  Prefold material is the easiest to use a Snappi with so I can get it hooked in super fast.  Without a Snappi is a little more difficult, but it's doable.  I'm just not skilled in the pins department.

Green Mountain Diapers - Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted on My Baby
Adjustability & Fit: ♥♥♥♥♥ - The fit of this diaper is great!  It's a sized diaper so you get a customized fit for each size range and it's a snapless diaper so you get a customized fit around the waist and legs depending on how you put your Snappi on.  Now, I did try these with snaps when Linc was a newborn and did not like the diapers with snaps.  I got leg gaps and not a great fit at all.  I would totally go snapless on this diaper.

Leak Protection: ♥♥♥♥♥ - I would say that this diaper is average as far as leak protection.  It does the job it's meant to do.  With a cover it does great, but without a cover the outside would usually get wet with the 1st pee.  Linc did last the whole night without leaking which really amazed me.  If you have a heavier wetter though, I would get an extra doubler to throw in there.  I also wouldn't wear this diaper without a cover unless you have an extra doubler, but then again I always like to have a cover over a snapless diaper.  *Please note this diaper does require a cover in order to be waterproof*

Wash Routine: ♥♥♥♥ - These are super easy to wash.  You don't have to worry about snaps or hook and loop.  You just throw them in the wash and you're ready to go.  You also have the extra added bonus that the soaker is sewn in so you don't have to hunt it down after the wash is done.  These do take awhile to dry though.  They fell into the 105 min dry time category for me in the dryer.  I also like that they are white so if you need to use bleach or stick them out in the sun, you don't have to worry about colors fading.

Bang For The Buck: ♥♥♥♥ -  These might be the least expensive fitted diapers that I'm reviewing.  They are definitely a great buy!  You're not getting any frills, but they do the job.  This is a sized diaper though and that's why I didn't give it 5 stars.

Quality & Durability: ♥♥♥♥ - I've always loved the quality and durability of the GMD Cloth-eez line.  The serging is nice and the fabric plumps up really well in the washer and dryer.

The Look: ♥♥♥♥♥ -  You can't get much more basic looking than these.  They only come in white and you can't even really pick the serging color.  It's all based on the size you get.  It doesn't really matter though.  This is a diaper meant to go under a cover so you won't really see it anyways.

In Conclusion:
I would totally recommend these diapers for those that are looking for a basic no frills fitted diaper that does the job at a great price.  This is probably the best economical fitted diaper you will find.
Green Mountain Diapers - Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted on My Baby Close Ups
Green Mountain Diapers - Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted on My Baby** Please note that while I aim to provide the most thorough and honest reviews possible, this review is based on my own preferences and experiences.  Each baby is different and each parent has different likes and dislikes.  What works for one may not work for another, so keep that in mind while doing your research.**  For more information on the diaper testers, please check out my post, "Meet the Diaper Testers".

If you would like to purchase one of these diapers for your little one, then please visit the Green Mountain Diapers website.  You can also find Green Mountain Diapers on Facebook.

**This review is comprised completely of my own opinions and was not influenced by any other outside source.  I borrowed the above diaper and was not compensated in any way for this review.**

So you can easily keep track of the September Fitted Diaper Event, I will add a link to each of the posts below.  No need to worry if you've missed one of the reviews.  I've got ya covered!


  1. If one wanted to, this could be dyed so it's not as boring.

    1. That's a great idea! I love dying diapers. I had a blast dying my flats. Dying these would be super fun.

  2. My DS is one year old and ~21-22lbs. We still use the red edge workhorse snap fitteds on with the tabs touching, but I'm finding it difficult to keep the legs from gapping as he crawls and cruises around. Any suggestions?

    Other than that fit issue, I really love the simplicity and trim fit of WHs.

    I actually just won two Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds in a giveaway and I love them! I'm thinking about selling my WHs to buy more :-)

    1. Hmmm... that's why I don't recommend snaps on these. I couldn't get a good fit with the snaps, but with a snappi it's great. You can still use a snappi with them and just go over the snaps. I've done that before.

    2. I hate to say it, but I don't even own a snappi, boingo or pin! I can get DH to put on snap diapers but I think closureless is pushing it.

    3. True! That would be a deal breaker for my DH too. Well snaps are a deal breaker... well cloth in general is a deal breaker for my DH. I just change all the diapers.

  3. These look great! I don't mind the plain white prefold/fitted. I just put a super cute cover on top!

  4. I kind of like the plain jane look. Too bad you can't pick your surged colors though! That would be fun!

  5. GMD prefolds are my absolute favorite prefolds...they are amazing. i have not yet tried this diaper, but i'm sure they are incredible!

  6. If I had another baby, I'd probably get a handful of these to supplement my prefolds and fitteds collection :)Functional, absorbent and economical!

  7. We have the organic GMD prefolds, and I almost got these, but it was when I was first starting out and I had no idea if I would want snaps or not. I'm inclined to think that if I got them now, that I would probably pass on snaps too. Motherease was another "basic" fitted that I've considered adding to expand our fitted stash a bit, but based on your reviews I think that these are probably a better deal. Seems like with ME you want the additional insert, and that brings the cost up to almost $15. I can get cute fitteds from WAHMs on sale for that price...

  8. Never tried these but I hear great things! The fit looks great :)

  9. I ave several of these in the red edge, waiting for my lo to grow into them. Now I know what to expect. thanks :)

  10. I haven't tried these but some friends of mine have and love them!

  11. because these are sized would you need 5 diapers to equal one "one sized"? or I guess the one sized don't really do newborn so that's 4 diapers to equal 1. I guess that puts them pretty equal in price to a sloomb one size? 4*$5=$20 which is about the size of the sloomb. Right?

    For performance, which do you think is better? This one or the sloomb snapless?

  12. I personally like the GMD better. I think the fit is better when they are sized and the GMD are way easier to use a snappi with. If you have a heavy wetter you might want to get a doubler to add to it though.


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