Monday, April 23, 2012

A Great Day At The Great Cloth Diaper Change In Sacramento CA

I was so excited to be a part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change this year in Sacramento (Rancho Cordova), California hosted by Kissed By The Moon.  We successfully changed 42 diapers at our site and had a blast doing it!  Check out some fun pictures below of our experience and this great news clip that was on CBS Sacramento.  Keep your eyes and ears open next year.  I plan on hosting a site in Fresno!

Our Cloth Diapered Boys Are Ready!!!
Lincoln and his cousin Max are ready for the change!

Sacramento Great Cloth Diaper Change Line
Didn't expect a huge line out the front door.  Yay for lots of cloth diapering families!
Sacramento Children's Museum
Sacramento Children's Museum

Changing Linc into his Hearts Ragababe cloth diaper.
It's the pre-change.  Getting Linc ready for the big change in his cute Hearts Ragababe.

Central California Cloth Diapering Moms Group
The Central Valley Cloth Diapering Moms Group.  We had a blast!
Sacramento Great Cloth Diaper Change
Ready Set Go!!!!

Changing Linc in his Hearts Ragababe Cloth Diaper
Pre-Diaper Change in his Hearts Ragababe.  Linc's so excited he can't sit still.

Changing Linc into his Money Ragababe Cloth Diaper
Post-Diaper Change in his Money Ragababe.

Mommy and Linc after the Great Cloth Diaper Change
Success!  Cloth diaper on the booty.  Good job mommy and Linc!


  1. Interesting blog really,we have some fun pictures below of our experience and this great news clip that was on CBS Sacramento.Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Those are some great shots! Linc is a world record holder & a TV star!
    Thanks for sharing, CJR

  3. Cute pictures! Looks like you guys had fun!!

  4. Love this! He is so cute - look at him sitting up!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun!! Did you see any other JJB while there? Of course that's all my eye was drawn to in every picture! LOL

    1. LOL Selina! You crack me up with your JJB addicted self. : ) Nope, didn't see any other JJB's. Glad I was representing though. : )


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