Monday, July 25, 2011

First Glance Review - Green Scene Fitted Diaper

Green Scene Fitted Diaper
Print: Pirate Booty / $18

The Green Scene Fitted Diaper is a one size diaper that fits babies from 8-35 lbs.  Rise adjustments are achieved through a snap down rise on the front of the diaper.  Waist adjustments are made with snap wings.  Each wing has three snaps.  I love that all the snaps coordinate perfectly with the pattern on the diaper.  Three snaps on each side is a lot to figure out when you're just starting out cloth diapering (my mother in-law) couldn't figure it out), but with some practice I'm sure I'll be snapping these on like a pro in no time.
I love the materials of this diaper.  The outer fabric is a cotton knit with a super cute pattern.  I love that it's a knit so the diaper is really squishy.  Green Scene also does diapers with a woven cotton fabric on the outside as well as a minky.  The interior of the diaper is a cotton velour (CV).  It just screams luxury when you touch it.  You can also get a lot of their diapers with organic bamboo velour (OBV) on the inside.  Hidden inside the diaper is a layer of organic bamboo fleece.  In addition there are two snap in soakers included with this diaper.  There is a small soaker and a large soaker.  You can use both together or use just the small soaker for a newborn or trimmer look.  Each soaker has two layers of organic bamboo fleece sandwiched in between two layers of CV or OBV.  Put that all together and you have ten layers of absorbency.  That's a LOT!  
As for the aesthetics of this diaper.  I just love it.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one.  I love all the prints that they come out with each week too.  Sometimes she does a theme and sometimes she just does an assortment.  Like I said before I also love that the snaps coordinate very nicely with the fabrics.  The tag is located on the back of the diaper and looks very clean and tasteful.  The outer edges of the diaper are serged and are done in a coordinating color that matches the fabric.
Green Scene is a WAHM company so diapers are released a few at a time and usually go quickly.  You can purchase her diapers on Hyena Cart or I've also seen a few prints on Sweetbottoms Baby (Affiliate Link).  It's also a good idea to follow her on Facebook so you can see what prints are coming out in the next week.

Overall I'm very impressed with the Green Scene Fitted Diaper and I can't wait to use it on our newest addition.  Don't forget to check back this fall for a complete review on the performance of this diaper.

*If you would like to purchase this diaper, please visit one of my affiliate links.  A small percentage of your sale will be sent to me to help keep this blog running.  Thanks!


  1. That is super cute!
    I just love your "First Glance" reviews! Usually people just do a review on the diaper actually being used on the babies... but don't give as much time to the other details. :)

  2. Haha! I wish I could tell you how the diaper worked on my baby, but that will have to wait till this fall. It's coming fast though. I can't wait to try them all out.


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