Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Search for the Perfect Diaper Pail is Over ! ! !

While out picking up the girls from school this week I had to run one errand at Target and decided to look at trash cans for my dirty diapers while I was there.  To my surprise I found the PERFECT trash can!!!  It's not much to look at, but I think it will work perfectly.  It's the Hefty 13.3 Gallon Pivot Lid Wastebasket in Black.  I love that all I have to do is drop the diaper above it and the diaper will fall into the trash can.  It was also half the price of the one I was looking at on Amazon ($17 vs $40).  This trash can also filled another one of my requirements which was that it was not an air tight trash can.  A lot of trash cans with a flip top lid are air tight and are more prone to creating an ammonia smell which can be hard to get out of your diapers.  This one has cracks around the edges which will create great air flow and hopefully keep the ammonia smell away.  I had also thought about just using a tall wicker laundry basket, but then thought a plastic bin would be more sanitary since I could wash it out easily if I needed to.  Here are pictures of the trash can and my daughter Riley showing how it works.  I'm probably going to spray paint the top to match the nursery and sew a skirt for the bottom.  Click HERE for more info on this trash can.

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I know it's crazy to get excited about diaper pails, but I'm excited about anything that has to do with cloth diapering right now.  I hope my blogs are getting you excited about it too.  Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you're enjoying my Adventures In Fluff.


  1. Thanks for the great links, was wondering what to do about a diaper pail and this helped a lot

  2. So glad that this post was able to help you out! Funny to think how much thought we put into the most basic of things ... like a diaper pail. : )

  3. Looks like it will work great! I really need to revamp my set up.


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