Monday, June 6, 2011

AppleCheeks Printalicious Photo Contest - My Entry

 AppleCheeks is having a photo contest in honor of their new cloth diaper prints release tomorrow.  I just happened to catch it the day before the deadline on their Facebook page.  Reagan happened to be home with me and thought all the pictures looked so funny and wanted to do her own photo shoot so we went all out and dressed up in our funkiest, craziest, and brightest outfits we could find.  I have to say I think our final pictures that we chose came out pretty good.  I hope we're one of the winners announced Wednesday at their Printalicious Event Party.  This will definitely be a great memory for me in my Adventures-In-Fluff.

Here is the information for the photo contest in case you catch this before the deadline tomorrow...

Printalicious - The Contest

Okay, we're only TWO WEEKS away from our big reveal, which will take place on our YouTube Channel on Tuesday, June 7 at noon EST. And then on Wednesday, June 8, from 9 - 10pm EST we will be live broadcasting Printalicious - An AppleCheeks Event. Make sure you RSVP and actually participate because we are going to have some BIG sponsors on top of all the AppleCheeks fluff we'll be giving away and you don't want to miss out on any of it! 
And on Wednesday, June 8, we will be announcing the winners of Printalicious - The Contest.
And here is our good buddy Austin, showing you what we want to see from you for this one:
See how stylin' he is? Just like his mama :) Now let's see how stylin' you can dress YOUR baby! Put him or her in the CRAZIEST outfit you can muster up! The more mismatched the better. Points will be awarded for craziness and for cuteness, so be sure to consider both! We'll draw three winners out of our submissions and the winners will receive the new PRINT Little Bundle of their choice!
And, if that's not hilarious enough, we've got another category for you. We know from recent contests that you parents will do just about anything to win an AppleCheeks diaper, so TWO more winners will be chosen from the Printalicious - The Parents category! That's right, YOU need to get all crazy on us, and we know you will because you've done it before! Dress up in the most hilarious, mismatched outfit you can find, take a photo and send it to us.
Contest Details:
1. Take your photo and submit it to our Facebook page, or email it to us by Tuesday, June 7, at noon EST. 
2. We will upload your photo to our blog and broadcast it for the world to see!
3. On Thursday, June 8, at noon EST, the winners will be announced on the blog.
4. Maximum two entries per person in either category.
That's it, that's all! Can't wait to see what you got!


  1. I love your photos! Good luck, and I hope you win!! :D

  2. Omg! You two are so cute! I can't believe you didn't win, I think it was fixed! Lol

  3. Thanks you two! I agree Dawn. It had to be fixed. Haha! No, the other entries were really good. I should have dressed up Brian instead.


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