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Surro Files - 25 Weeks With Baby Shower On The Brain

The Bun
Baby is now about the size of cauliflower (13.5 in) and 1.5 pounds.  Baby's body parts are continuing to become more proportional to each other.  Baby fat is also continuing to fill in their skin for a smoother look and more hair is growing, developing texture and color.  Hmmmmm... wonder what color hair this baby will have?  I'm going to guess dark, but then again my little man has blonde hair and blue eyes with two dark haired, brown eyed parents.

At 25 Weeks baby is now the size of  a large bunch of cauliflower
The Oven
Not much new with the oven.  It's just getting bigger.  I keep thinking it'll slow down, but I'm pretty sure I gained another 4 pounds this month.  At least I'm consistent.  Haha!  I've also been feeling more Braxton Hicks contractions.  Not painful... they just take my breath away for a minute as everything hardens up.

The Belly @ 25 weeks.  Took my sticker photo a week late.  Boo!
The Happenings In the Kitchen
This week I've had baby shower on the brain 24/7!  On May 1st I'm throwing a baby shower for Belle.  I thought this would be a great way for Belle to meet some of my best friends and family members while celebrating the big day to come.  I've always wanted to throw a baby shower so I was super excited that she finally gave in and said it was ok.  She's not one for being the center of attention, but but who could resist a party to celebrate her little bundle of joy and becoming a mommy?  Plus I throw a pretty good party. *wink*

My Cute Little Party Invites.  Even Includes a Bookplate for Book Gifts

So far I've got my whole game plan nailed down for our Mickey and Minnie Mouse Book Baby Shower.  I've figured out what the overall look will be, what food I will serve, and games we will play.  Then I made a shopping list to get crackin' on.  That's what I've been doing all this week...  shopping, shopping, shopping.  I think I only have a few items left to buy and then I'm done!  This week I'll start on projects.  I need to start assembling some of the decorations so they'll be ready to go for the big day.  You can never start too early.

I've also finished shopping for Belle's baby shower gift basket.  I admit I went a bit overboard with the shopping, but everything looked soooooooo cute!!!!!  Now I'm just waiting for it all to come in the mail.  Can't wait to see all the cute baby stuff.  I love buying baby gifts.

In addition to the baby shower Brian and I also went to a crab feed for his work industry.  It was sooooooo yummy!  Kind of odd at first to have cold crab, but you get used to it.  Plus they had lots of prizes to raffle off and wouldn't you know it... I won!!!!!  I kept telling Brian that I really wanted to win the party drink dispenser so I could use it for the baby shower.  I didn't care about the gift certificates, the bottles of wine, or even the flat screen TV.  I just wanted the drink dispenser.  And I won it!!!!!!

Brian and I at his industry crab feed function.  Yum!
The Drink Dispenser That I Won!!!
The Chefs (an update from Belle)
"This past week was busy, but fun! I got new cloth diapers in the mail (newborn size). They are all so cute! I also got my Tula baby carrier in the mail, it looks perfect and i cant wait to use it.  I also managed to sort all the baby clothes this week, wash them, and put them away. I even have our baby's travel bag packed and ready to go! Only 15 weeks left before the big day.

In other news, Adam has his flight booked out for the first week of July! He should arrive about 10 days before the Due Date. I still need to book my flight, but I will most likely be arriving the second to last week of June.

We have also been busy trying to sell our house, with lots of showings going on. I hope to move soon!" - Belle
Belle's Cute Newborn Tots Bots Tiny Fit Cloth Diapers

Coming Soon !!!
April 3rd - 25 Week OB Appt - Meeting with the certified nurse midwife.
April 30th-7th - Belle Visits - Yay!!!!  Baby Shower, Disneyland, 30 Week Growth Ultrasound.  Fun Fun Fun!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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