Monday, February 10, 2014

Surro Files - 18 Weeks & Breaking Out The Maternity Pants

The Bun
This week the baby is about the size of a sweet potato (5.6 in) and 6.7 oz.  Many of the bones in their body are starting to harden.  Among these first bones to develop is the inner ear which is part of the reason why the baby might be able to hear sounds such as my heart beating or tummy growling.

The bun has been getting even more active this week.  They are always having a party and kicking away.  What's the baby's most active time you ask?  Of course right when I'm going to bed.  Party animal!  Belle and I like to joke that Baby Bun is already on UK time, so when I'm going to sleep, baby is just getting up with their mommy and daddy.  Haha!

Baby is now the size of a Sweet Potato
The Oven
The oven is getting bigger.  I'm pretty sure it just doubled in size overnight, although it doesn't look like it.  The only way I know is because sadly none of my clothes fit anymore... although I try and shove myself into them.  Haha!  For the past month or two I've just been wearing my regular jeans unbuttoned with a belly band over the top so you can't tell that they are unbuttoned.  Ok, if you asked my husband, he will say that I walk around the house with my pants open without the band all the time.  It's all true!  I do.  Even comfier that way.  Sexy I know.  Haha!  But then this past week I've been trying to put on my jeans, and it takes me forever to even be able to pull them up.  When did my butt and hips grow so much????  I guess it's time to retire my jeans and pull out the maternity.  Gasp!!!!!  I know many women that love maternity, but alas I do not ... and they don't love me.  I've yet to find pants that fit me right, but at least I can get them over my butt, so that's a plus.

Next up... I'll also be breaking out all the maternity tops this week because I've noticed my belly peeking out from under my tops all too often these days.  I apologize to all the people that have noticed this little fact way sooner than I have.

The belly @ 18 weeks in maternity pants & a shirt that's too small + photo bomber

The Happenings In the Kitchen
This week has been pretty quiet.  My little man was still camping for half of this week so I was missing him, but getting lots of stuff done.  Finally finished the last piece of the girls new bedroom design, so I'll get that put up today and then post the final results on here.  They love it!!!!!!  The girls, Brian, and I also went to the Disney on Ice show.  The girls looked so cute all dressed up in their Disney costumes, and I had my Minnie Mouse ears.  The show made me think of Belle and Adam since they had a whole Beauty and the Beast performance.  Even baby bean loved the show and was kicking all over the place.  Disney fanatic already.  Haha!

We also had our 17-1/2 week OB appt.  I'm now weighing in at 126 (up 18 lbs) and looking good.  I always gain about 50 lbs while pregnant, but my doctor says it's because I start at such a low weight. It's my body's way of creating a nice cozy environment for the baby.  They also checked on baby who was doing great.  Heart rate was registering in the 120's, but normally at home I find it in the 140's.  Guess baby was sleeping at the doctor appointment.  A very rare moment.  Haha!  In addition to the basics, I also had to have a pap done.  Lucky me... not so much.  It's over though, so no worries about it again till next year.  Yay!  Best news of all at the appointment was that our NT scan and blood work results are in.  All is negative and looking great!!!!!  That means the chances of baby having downs syndrome or any other abnormality that they tested for is very slim.  Yay!

The Chefs
Belle and Adam will be here next week!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!  Very excited to see them again.  It's been about a month and a half since I've seen Belle and almost a year since we've seen Adam.  Wow!  Is that even right???  I can't believe it's been almost a year since our medical screening.  Crazy!

This week Belle is in London with one of her best friends though.  They're touring around and having a blast.  Totally jealous that they're checking out all the places that Harry Potter was filmed.  Lucky!!!!  I'll have to put that on my list of things to do one day.  LOVE Harry Potter.  Which reminds me.  I need to go to that Harry Potter theme park in Florida one day too!  Is that at Universal Studios?  I'm not sure, but I really must go.

In closing for the week I'd like to post a video of the baby's heartbeat.  Sounds like they are doing good in there!  I apologize in advance for my well broken in baby belly.  It's had a lot of love between this surro baby and my three children.  :)

Coming Soon !!!
February 17th - 21st - Belle and Adam are coming to visit!!!!
February 19th - Childbirth Class - Yay!  Will be fun doing the class with Belle so we're all ready for the big day.
February 20th - 20 Week Anatomy Scan - Can't wait for this awesome scan!  Baby will be so big!
March 6th - 21 Week OB Appt - Meeting with the doctor again on this appointment.  Love her!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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