Monday, November 18, 2013

Surro Files - 6 Weeks ~ with a RAD new colorful look!

The Bun(s)
The baby(ies) are now the size of a small pea (.25") and less than .04 oz.  They are rapidly growing and will triple in size this week.  Basic facial features such as eyes and ears are becoming more developed (what????) and the neural groove will have closed by this time.  The tiny heart is starting to pump blood.  Along the mid-line, 40 tiny blocks of tissue are developing which will eventually become the backbone, ribs, and muscles of the baby's back and sides.

Embryo(s) Are Now The Size Of A Small Pea

The Oven
With all my previous pregnancies with my own children I've dodged the big bullet.  I've escaped the torture of morning sickness.  I've considered myself very lucky and it was actually one of the reasons I was so willing to do this again for someone else.  It looks like my luck may have run out though.  Boooooo!  I've been feeling queasy most of the week off and on.  Not so queasy that I can't go about my day, and not so queasy that I'm barfing in the grocery store parking lot, but my tummy is a bit off and not feeling well.  Let's hope these feelings are not permanent.  Maybe just a fluctuation in hormones that needs to even out.  Today we're putting that all behind us... I hope.

I've also been feeling sooooooooooo tired.  Not sure if that's going to go away anytime soon, but all I can say is, I'm super glad that I stay at home with Linc so that I can take naps with the little man.  Oh how I love naps right now!  Which is totally not me because I'm way too much of a go go go person to take naps normally.

Belly @ 6 Weeks

The Happenings In the Kitchen
It's been a busy week in the kitchen!!!  Thursday was a VERY big day!!!!  It was BETA #2 day!!!  It's really hard to tell much from a beta number this far after our first one, but as long as it's rising we will let out a huge sigh of relief that things must be going well in there.  If you don't remember, our last beta was done 11 days after our transfer and it was 392 (level of pregnancy hormones).  Thursday I guessed it would be 9000.  Belle guessed it would be 7000.  So what was it?  It was 15,256!!!!!!  A VERY good number!!!!!!!  We were over the moon with that number and now questioning our guess that it might bee a single.  Twins maybe?  I guess we will soon see.  We'll be happy either way.

The girls and I got invited last minute to the Color Me RAD 5k run.  My best friend had an extra ticket.  I was pretty excited!  I've always wanted to do a fun run and this sounded like a blast!  Plus, they were planning on walking which was perfect for this recently preggo and not so athletic little oven.  The girls and I dressed head to toe in white, then added little pink tutus on top.  A perfect canvas for lots of paint and color!  Riley (my oldest) was a bit nervous and almost backed out at the last minute in tears that she was going to get color in her eyes and not be able to breathe, but I convinced her to give it one go and after that first color blast, she was a wild woman ready for more!  After the run we still had a birthday party to go to and hit it up all decked out with paint covering our bodies.  Haha!  We were quite the odd bunch.  I will say that day pushed my energy level max though.  I was about to crash at the birthday party and pretty much did by the time we got home.  I need my naps!!!!!!

Color Me RAD 5k Run in Fresno, CA

The Chefs
Belle was crazy excited with our beta number this week!  I'm sure it made her trip out to visit family this week that much better knowing that everything was still going well with the bean(s).  I had a bet with her that she was going to let the beans spill before she planned to, but it looks like she's holding strong and keeping the excitement in.  You're way stronger than me Belle!!!!!

Belle's also been working on her weekly pregnancy photo journal.  She's been taking pictures of fruits that correspond to the size of the baby, taking pictures of what she's doing in preparation, plus adding a few pictures of what our belly bump looks like and what we're up to.  I can't wait to see the finished product!!!!!!  She takes hundreds of photos trying to get the perfect one, and I had to laugh when Adam decided he wanted to get in on the fun and said he could get a better picture of blueberries.  LOL!  Let's see who's blueberry picture wins out next week.

I also received a fun package from Belle this week!  She sent me two yogo videos and a yoga during pregnancy book.  I can't wait to try them out!!!!!!!  I'm just waiting till after the ultrasound till I get back into working out.  Only a few more days!!!

Coming Soon !!!
Our first OB appointment is tomorrow (Tuesday the 19th).  It's just an intro appointment to fill out paperwork and say, "Hey, we're pregnant and It's not Brian's... or mine."  Haha!
Our first ultrasound is next Thursday the 21st!!!!  We should be able to hear a heartbeat... or two.

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*


  1. I had 4 pregnancies. I never had one day of morning sickness with my single births, but with the twins I was miserably sick and exhausted until the 2nd trimester hit. I bet it's TWINS!!! :-)

  2. I have had 4 pregnancies. I was never sick a day with my single births, but with the twins I was miserably sick and exhausted until the 2nd trimester hit. I bet it's TWINS!!!


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