Monday, August 5, 2013

Surro Files - Gearing Up For The Big Day!

Well we're here in Connecticut and having a great time!!!!

Saturday was pretty much just a flying day.  We woke up at 4am and got to our hotel at 7pm.  Ugh!!!  You think that's bad?  My husband and daughter didn't get to the hotel till about 10pm!!!!  They were on a different flight from Reagan and I.  While waiting for them I got to meet up with another surrogate friend of mine that had just done her transfer the day before.  So much fun getting together with others going through the same thing as you.  She even gave me a play by play of the transfer so I would know what to expect.  

Sunday we headed out to NYC bright and early to see the Statue if Liberty.  Belle met us there and it was awesome hanging out together!  None of us had toured the statue before so it was pretty cool.  The girls were pretty quiet but then again they usually are when they first meet someone.  They did love the gifts they got from Belle though.  She got them each a bag filled with a diary, headband, tote, and friendship bracelet making kit.  In addition she got me a pregnancy journal (for me and Brian), a necklace, a travel tote, a pregnancy exercise book, and a pregnant fairy statue.  So sweet of her!!!!  After the statue we headed on over to the Cake Boss bakery in New Jersey.  We ordered a cake, so despite the fact that the line was a mile long, we got to walk right in!!!!  It was soooooo yummy!  After that we hit up Times Square, the Disney store, a pizza place, and took a picture with the naked cowboy.  Yep!

Today I did my last monitoring appointment.  It was just the routine bloodwork and ultrasound.  I admit, I was pretty stressed when I noticed on the ultrasound machine that my lining had shrunk from 8.7 to the 7 range.  I honestly didn't ask the actual number because I was scared what she would say.   In the end she said everything looked fine though, and they would contact me when my blood results were in.  At that time they would confirm the day and time for the transfer.  While waiting for the results we headed back to NYC.  This time to Central Park and the NYC Zoo to hang out with Belle again.  Let me just say... If you've seen the movie Madagascar, this zoo is nothing like that movie!  There are no zebras, no hippos, no girrafs, and no lions!  There are penguins and monkeys, but that's about it!  It's pretty darn small.  We still had fun though, and I love Central Park!  We even got some Geocaching in!  This was Belle's first time so it was lots of fun!  Before heading back to the hotel we gave Belle her gift.  I'd been waiting forever to give it to her!!!!  I got her a baby book (complete with surrogacy pages), one of my pregnancy journals that I designed specifically for intended parents, a build a bear made by the girls, and some drawings from the girls.  I think she liked them!!!!

For what seemed like an eternity I waited for a call from the clinic.  Finally on the way to the hotel (while we were getting Dunkin Doughnuts) I got the call.  We're set for 9 am!!!!!!  Get there 30 minutes early.  No need to fast.  No need for a full bladder.  We'll stay there an hour after and then we can go back to the hotel.  So excited for this and I'm so glad it worked out that Belle will be there!!!!!  I'll update more tomorrow on how things go.  Stay tuned!!!!!  Till then please enjoy some pictures of the trip so far.  Totally want to post my pictures with Belle but we've agreed no pictures till a later date. Maybe I'll do a big photo montage after the baby is born.  

Reagan and I heading out on the plane. 

Cake Boss!!!!!

Wore the girls out!

My monitoring appointment. 

The NYC Zoo. 

Our gift to Belle and Ryan. 

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*

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