Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Make Your Own Playdough

How To Make Your Own Playdough
My girls are craft going freaks so we're always trying to think of new things to make around the house.  Today was no exception with a super cold wind chill outside that I had no desire to take the girls out in at all.  What to do... what to do... We'll make playdough!  Check out the recipe below for a super quick and easy way to make non-toxic playdough with ingredients that you most likely already have in your cupboards.  I guarantee your kids will be totally excited about this one.  I know my girls were.  They were jumping up and down like crazy!

What You Will Need:
2 cups Flour
2 cups Water
1 cup Salt
2 Tbs Vegetable Oil
1 Tbs Cream of Tarter (optional for better elasticity)
Food Coloring

Step By Step:
How To Make Your Own Playdough - Mix Ingredients
- Combine flour, water, salt, oil, and cream of tarter in a large sauce pan.
How To Make Your Own Playdough - Cook In Pan
- Keep stirring over low heat.
- You will know it's done when the playdough starts rolling up into a ball and is no longer sticky.
- If you find that after 10 min of mixing your mixture isn't turning into dough, then add more flour and salt slowly till you get the correct consistency.
- Take the pan off the heat.  
How To Make Your Own Playdough - Roll Into Balls
- Remove your dough from the pan and place on a clean counter or cutting board.
- Knead the dough till you get a nice consistency.
- Divide the dough into balls so that each ball can be made into a different color.  I made four balls with mine.
How To Make Your Own Playdough - Add Food Coloring
- Using your finger create a divot in each ball of dough.
- Add about 3-4 drops of food coloring to your dough.  The more food coloring, the brighter the color.
- Fold and press the food coloring into the dough till it's fully distributed.  Make sure to keep the coloring in the center of the dough so that it does not get on your hands.  Once it's kneaded into the dough the color will not get on your hands.  If you're worried about the coloring make sure to wear gloves and cover your work surface with wax paper.

Voila!  You're done!  So easy and lots of fun for the kids.  Now the real fun begins with all the cute creations they will make with their new playdough.  Do you want to have even more fun with your playdough?  Try adding essential oils, spices, or other fragrant items to make your playdough smell yummy.  How about lemon oil for yellow dough?  How about lavender for purple dough?  How about cinnamon for red dough?  Let your imagination run wild.  Want another fun addition?  Try adding glitter to your playdough for some bling.  Try adding sand for some texture.  The options are limitless.  Don't feel the need to stick with your typical play dough.

When you and your kids are done playing for the day, just store your new playdough in some Tupperware or Ziploc bags.  If it starts getting a little hard just sprinkle some water on top and massage it in.  After awhile it may be impossible to bring your playdough back from the dead.  At that point it's just time to start over and make some more.  No worries though.  Making more dough is the fun part.  Have fun!

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  1. I use to make this when I was little and I'm so glad you had this on here because I forgot how to do it.


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