Monday, March 12, 2012

Cloth Diapering Q&A (*With Me*)

Recently Hannah, a fellow cloth diapering mama, of Me Oh My! Desserts contacted me about a Q&A on Cloth Diapering.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I love any chance I get to talk about cloth diapering.  Read on below to find out how our interview went and when you're done be sure to head on over to her blog to check out some of the other cloth diapering Q&A's she's done with other mamas.  It's so fun to read about how others got into cloth diapering and what they are using.  You never know, maybe you'll decide to try something new.  Here is a quick link to her Cloth Diaper Q&A's.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Chana Putnam.  I’ve been married for 10 years to my wonderful husband Brian and have three awesome… yet crazy kids.  Riley is 6 years old and my super smart school loving girl.  Reagan is 4 years old and my crazy wild child.  Lincoln is my newest addition at 4 months and is all smiles.  In addition to keeping our house in order I’m also an interior designer running my own business, Shanna Lynn Interiors.  My business is currently on hold right now though while I spend time with my little man and preach to the masses … or anyone that will listen … about my love of cloth diapers on my blog Adventures In Fluff.

What made you decide to use cloth diapers (reasons)? Diaper cover, if using separate cover?
I first heard about cloth diapering on an online pregnancy chat forum.  I used disposables with my girls, but was very intrigued by the idea.  They convinced me that cloth diapers would be more comfortable for my baby (I compare it to my discomfort wearing a sanitary pad), eliminate or lessen diaper rash, cost less money, and look much cuter.  While in the beginning all of these reasons are what got me started on cloth diapering … the cuteness factor is what keeps me going strong.  I mean seriously … cloth diapers are sooooo cute!!!

What type of cloth diaper/cover do you use?
I started out using just about every type of cloth diaper out there.  I had prefolds, covers (wool, fleece, & PUL), fitted diapers, All-In-Twos, All-In-Ones, and Pockets.  I also tried my hand at making my own diapers.  Yes I tried it all.  I still have a little of everything, but I mostly use Pockets, All-In-Ones, and All-In-Twos right now.

Why did you settle on that type of diaper (reasons)?
I settled on pockets, AIO’s, & AI2’s for a few reasons.  Pockets are easy to customize the absorbency (great for nighttime diapers).  AIO’s are sooooo easy to use (great for dads, grandparents, & childcare).  AI2’s give you the most bang for your buck since you can use them more than once.  In the end I’m really leaning towards AI2’s.  So funny because I hated the idea of them at first.  Just goes to show you never know what you’ll end up liking.

What are some positive and/or negative points to cloth diapering that you have found while cloth diapering?
Positives: So cute!  Less diaper rash.  So cute!  Less blow outs.  So cute!  No midnight diaper runs to the store.  Did I say So cute???
Negatives:  It can become quite an addiction.  I really need to go to Cloth Diaper Freaks Anonymous.

What is your method for rinsing and washing your cloth diapers? (please include information about your diaper pail/liner, sprayer if you use one, detergent, etc. We want the whole shebang!)
Oh wow!  I just wrote a whole post about this.  I feel that a good wash routine is the key to cloth diaper success.  Luckily I’ve found one.  Click here for My Perfect Cloth Diaper Wash Routine.

When you are out and about, how do you handle diaper changes, especially messy ones?
Diaper changes while out and about really aren’t a big deal for me.  It’s not that much different than a disposable diaper.  I have extra diapers in my diaper bag and cloth wipes.  My dirty diapers and wipes go in a wet bag that I empty when I get home.  Done!  Ok, I have had a few “Oh shit!” moments, but it was nothing that a garden hose couldn’t fix.  One thing I will say is that I always pack my cutest diapers in the diaper bag.  If someone is going to see me change a diaper I want it to be so cute that it makes them want to cloth diaper too.

Do you use cloth wipes?  If yes, what made you decide to use them? What type do you use (homemade, bought etc)? What kind of solution do you use? Tell us about your method.
I ALWAYS use cloth wipes and I’d never go back.  It used to take me about 5 disposable wipes to clean a messy diaper, but with cloth wipes I can usually change even the messiest diaper with 1 wipe … 2 at the most.  I do have a few disposable wipes in my diaper bag just in case I’m somewhere that I can’t wet my cloth wipes, but that’s pretty rare.  I have a few different types of cloth wipes.  I have some that are bamboo fleece, cotton fleece, flannel/cotton velour, baby terrycloth, & some that I made myself that are terrycloth/flannel.  My faves are my homemade ones and my cotton fleece ones.  My DIY Cloth Wipes are awesome for heavy “doody” messes, but soft enough for just wet diapers too.  My cotton fleece wipes are soooooo soft.  I want some of those for myself.  As for a wipe solution, I normally just use water.  It’s the easiest solution.  When I do take the time to mix a solution I use LuSa Organics Wipe Solution.  I love the smell of it.  Yum!  I’m not sure why anyone cloth diapering wouldn’t use cloth wipes.  It’s so easy.  I have all my wipes on a shelf above my changing table.  Once or twice a day I will fill my wipes warmer with wet wipes (and maybe some wipe solution).  Every few weeks I will scrub out the wipe warmer to keep it clean.  Dirty wipes go in my diaper wash so no need for another trash can.  Voila!  That’s it.  So easy!

Have you had more than one child in cloth diapers at one time? Was that a ‘trial’ for you or no big deal? How did you handle it? If you only have one child, do you think you could handle two children in cloth diapers at the same time? Why or why not?
Lincoln is my first and only child in cloth diapers but I don’t think two in diapers would be a problem at all. Three might be a bit much. The main problem I see is different sized diapers and keeping them separate. I’d most likely have two stashes so that I could avoid changing the rise at each diaper change. I’d probably steer clear of pockets too. Stuffing diapers for two might be just a bit too time consuming.

What is an item you wish you could have for cloth diapering? More cute diapers? Haha! You can never have enough cute diapers. I want them all!!!

What is your go-to place for cloth diaper items and products?
I LOVE Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique!  Great selection!  Great customer service!  Free shipping!  Plus it’s out of state, so there is no sales tax.  Whoot!

How many Cloth Diapers (and Diaper Wipes) do you own and use?
OMG!  Do you really want to know???  Will my husband see this???  Haha!  I recently wrote a post about My Post Newborn Stash.  At that time I had 80 diapers, 11 covers, & about 50 wipes.  Since then I’ve added about 8-10 more diapers, but Linc has also grown out of quite a few diapers so it’s an ever changing number.

Do you use Disposable Diapers? If so, when and why?
I used disposable diapers for the first week until Lincoln’s poop turned yellow and his circumcision healed a bit.  We also had a medical scare which landed Linc in the hospital during that first week and required disposables.  As soon as we got home I snapped on his first cloth diaper.  It was soooo cute!  I still use disposables when we’re out of town and staying in a hotel, but other than that he’s in cloth exclusively.

Have your kid(s) had diaper rash or other issues? How do you deal with that?
The girls got diaper rashes all the time in disposables.  Linc does get a rash once in awhile, but it’s always due to him pooping a lot that day.  I stick him in the bath, lather on some cloth diaper safe cream (CJ’s Butter or Mum Mum Crafts) and the rash is ALWAYS gone by morning.

What advice could you give to people who are looking into using cloth diapers and/or cloth wipes?
Do it!!!  You won’t regret it.  As for advice … My #1 piece of advice would be to try several different types and brands of cloth diapers before you commit to one.  A great way to do this is through a cloth diaper trial program.  You can find one through several online cloth diaper retailers such as Jillian’s Drawers or Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique.  Second, you’re going to want to research cloth diaper wash routines.  This I feel is the biggest reason people quit cloth diapering.  Wash routines are essentially a trial and error process, but it doesn’t hurt to find out what has already worked for so many others.  This brings me to my third piece of advice.  Find a cloth diapering community to offer you support and help you along the way.  This really should be #1.  What better place to start when starting something new than to talk with those that have already taken the plunge.  Lastly, just have fun!  You can check out my post on my Top 15 Cloth Diaper Must Haves for more great advice to get you on the right track.


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  2. Great interview, Chana! It's been so fun to watch you start and take off with this journey and become a complete wealth of information for the rest of us CD moms. But you just left one question unanswered... do you think cloth diapers are cute? :)


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