Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest - My New Found Obsession

If you haven't tried Pinterest yet then you're really missing out. If you haven't even heard of Pinterest yet then you must be hiding under a rock somewhere because every 5 minutes I see someone post their Latest "Pin" on Facebook. I admit it took me awhile to cave and join yet another social site since I hardly have time for the ones I use already, but I finally joined up last month... Didn't get it... And never used it.

My First Pin!!!! I'm totally going to make this!
Early this month I was skimming the internet and came across a DIY project that I was totally excited to try. Now normally I would add it to my favorites bar where I have several groups of mismanaged folders (I really should organize those one day), but then I saw the little "Pin It" button that I added to my favorites bar last month. Hmmmm... I decided to "Pin It". It was easy enough. I just picked a picture on the page I wanted to pin, picked a category to pin it to, then clicked "Pin It". I even posted it to my Facebook page. Whoo Hoo! I'd just done my first Pin. I still wasn't hooked yet. I pinned some baby legs that I wanted to buy, but what else was I going to Pin?

Can You Say Yummy!!!!
Fast forward to last weekend ... I started checking out the Pinterest site again. There had to be some reason this site was so cool. I then realized that I had followers and I was following friends. I vaguely remember when I signed up that it said that they would start me out following a group of people. I checked out who I was following and then realized that I could see their pins. Then I noticed a great button labeled "Repin". Sweet! I don't even have to find all the cool stuff on the web. All my friends can find it for me and all I have to do is Repin what they Pinned. So I did. Repin Repin Repin! Fun! But there had to be a way to search Pins from everyone on Pinterest. Then I found it... I can search all the recent Pins from everyone on Pinterest (that labels their stuff public) by category. Awesome! This just keeps getting better! All I'm really interested in is DIY projects, Kids stuff, and Food so that's what I searched... Well I tried to at least. It's a little hard to find time to search when you have two kids and a newborn but my best time is when I'm nursing Lincoln. Pinterest definitely sparked my interest.

Never Would Have Thought Of This.  Thanks Pinterest!
Fast forward yet again to this past weekend. I was on my phone adding the Blogger application because I thought it might be faster to write posts on my phone rather than one handed on my laptop (I'm writing this post on my phone as we speak but that's another story). The girls have been using my laptop for learning games a lot lately anyways so I never get to use my laptop anymore.  Well while I was in the iPhone app store I wondered if they had an application for my newest obsession, Pinterest.  They did! (Click here for Pinterest Application for iPhone)  Unfortunately it got bad ratings for freezing all the time.  Booo!  I downloaded it anyways.  It did freeze on me the first time, but has yet to do so since.  It's awesome!!!!!!  I can Pin all day long!  It just keeps re-loading the newest Pins on Pinterest and I just keep Pinning and Pinning and Pinning.  Whoo Hoo!  I've found my new obsession.  I'm Hooked On Pinterest!!!!!

So if you too want to join the obsession that is Pinterest, don't forget to add the "Pin It" button to your browser toolbar.  Don't forget to add your friends.  Don't forget to get the phone application.  Don't forget to add me to your follow list.  And don't forget to Pin Pin Pin!!!!

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