Friday, December 9, 2011

Eli The Elf - turns - DISGRUNTLED ELF

Who would have known that The Elf On The Shelf would bring so much fun not only to kids, but also adults.  Our girls find Eli the Elf hiding all over our house hanging from chandeliers, snuggled in our stockings, and climbing up our Christmas tree.  He's mischievous, but totally harmless ... or so I thought.  I decided to peek in on our little elf late at night and what I found was quite disturbing ...

Turns out our little elf Eli is not happy with the working conditions up at the North Pole and has taken matters into his own hands.  Don't worry.  I was able to save Santa just in time, but he was slightly injured.  My bad.  Guess I should have blown out the candle instead of snapping lots of pictures.  Hopefully his feet heal before Christmas.  From here on out I'll keep a closer look on our Disgruntled Elf.

I'm entering Eli (Disgruntled Elf) into the Inappropriate Elf Contest on Babies Rabies Blog.  The winner receives an iPad2 (SWEET!!!).  Please submit your vote for my Disgruntled Elf (#33) starting Monday December 12th - December 20th.  Just click on the following link and "LIKE" my elf.  While there be sure to check out all the other awesome entries (or enter your own elf if he's as mischievous as mine is).  They're all pretty funny and great for a laugh.


** Don't worry.  Eli the elf was safely put back to his original (kid friendly) hiding place before the girls even noticed that he was gone.  I'm totally not mean enough to let the girls see Eli burning up Santa. : )


  1. Ha ha that's so cute! I can't figure out how to vote though. I'm probably not reading something :P

  2. Thanks! Voting doesn't start till Monday.

  3. That's too cute!! I'll be voting on the 12th. Is it a daily vote or a one time vote? I'll try to find out for myself.


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