Friday, November 11, 2011

Keeping Lincoln Close with The Peanut Shell Classic Sling

Being a new mom ... again... I'm realizing that it's so hard to put my cute little bundle of joy down.  He loves to be held and I love holding him.  The only problem is that I still need to get things done around the house at the same time.  I've got dishes to do, laundry to wash, toys to pick up, and kids to get out the door for school.  With both my girls I used the Baby Bjorn, but this time around I wanted something that would swaddle my little guy and lull him to sleep.  I actually have purchased quite a few to try out in addition to my Baby Bjorn including the Baby K'tan, the Britax Baby Carrier, and The Peanut Shell Classic Sling.  I picked each carrier for different reasons, different stages, and different uses.  Plus, you never know what your little one will like.

The carrier that I'm using now is The Peanut Shell Classic Sling.  I actually scored this sling at an amazing deal!  Twice a year they have a Just Between Friends sale where you can purchase new and gently used baby and kids products.  I was in the checkout of the line when I spotted The Peanut Shell Classic Sling on a rack.  It looked brand new and I loved the pattern and color.  Now the real kicker ... it was actually my size!  Not only that ... it was also half off!!!  Score!

I'd never used a traditional sling before so it was all new to me.  I had to watch a couple YouTube videos to figure out how to put my sling on and how to get Lincoln into the sling the right way.  Here's the video that helped me out the most.

After I got the hang of the technique it was time to test this baby out.  I'll admit, it still took me awhile to figure out how to get Linc in and out of the carrier smoothly, but once I got the hang of it we were in business.  It was so easy to just go about the house with Lincoln in tow and go about my household tasks.  I could do laundry, dishes, and pick up the house using both my hands if needed.  I still tend to cradle my arm around him out of habit, but it's nice to know that if I need both hands I can use them and not worry about Linc's safety.

This being the first of the slings I'm testing out, I'd like to go over what I love and don't love about the carrier. There are several things I love about The Peanut Shell Classic Sling.  I love the look of the sling.  It's so natural, soft, and classic looking.  I'd even say stylish looking.  The lines are just so clean and elegant.  I guess that's the designer in me talking though.  I love looking at the lines of a product.  I also love the print of the sling.  I especially love the print I have because it's very neutral and will blend nicely with most of my outfits.  Another feature I love is the pocket and toy ring.  I don't need the toy ring yet, but I can definitely see that it will come in handy later on.  What I do use right now is the pocket.  I usually have his pacifier in there, but if Lincoln was a barfer like my daughter Riley was, then it would be the perfect spot for a burp cloth.  Another feature I like that I haven't been able to use yet is the padded interior rail.  I can see this as a great option when Linc gets older and needs padding behind his legs while sitting in the sling.

Riley, Lincoln, and I cooking up some fun.
There's not much that I don't like about the sling.  The only thing I can think of is that it's not adjustable.  It's a one size deal so Brian can't use it, but then again, I don't think he's the sling type of guy so it really doesn't matter.  I would just like the option to make slight adjustments to the fit on myself.  I know they have an adjustable sling option so it would be interesting to see how that sling compares.  I wish our local store had both to try out.  I wonder which one I would have chosen.  I like the simplicity of the classic sling, but the idea of the adjustability of the adjustable sling.

Overall I really like this sling and I know that Lincoln loves being close and cozy with mommy.  It'll be interesting to see how the other slings I've purchased compare with this one.  So far I'm really loving The Peanut Shell Classic Sling and getting lots of use out of it.  It's been a great addition to my Adventures In Fluff ... and other mommy stuff.

If you would like to purchase a Peanut Shell Classic Sling for yourself you can visit their website or one of their retailers.  While you're at it be sure to link up with their Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date on their newest products and promotions.

**This review is comprised of my own opinions and was not influenced by any outside source.  The product was purchased by myself and was not given to me or asked to be reviewed by any outside source.  No advertising was purchased in order to feature this product. **


  1. I am following your amazing blog. I tried a Peanut Shell sling and loved it! Would love one of my own.:)

  2. I love that you watched a youtube video to figure it out. Technology is brilliant isn't it.
    These look so cute. Thanks for the review.

  3. I've tried every baby carrier on the block except for a sling. It looks like it's really easy to get on, much easier than some other carriers that I own!


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