Friday, July 1, 2011

First Glance Review - Happy Heiny's "All For One" Pocket Diaper

I'm excited to show you yet another one of the cloth diapers that I will be using on our newest addition this coming fall.  I knew the minute that I saw all the cute prints they had available that I just had to have a Happy Heiny's diaper for my son and I can't wait till this fall to try it out and see if the performance of the diaper matches that of the looks.  Until then I'd like to give you a "First Glance Review" of the Happy Heiny's All For One pocket diaper so that you can get just as excited about them as I am.

Happy Heiny's "All For One" Pocket Diaper
Print: Glow In The Dark Skulls / $20.99

4 Snap Settings
The Happy Heiny's "All For One" is a one size diaper.  It claims to fit babies from 8-35 pounds.  Although this is a one size, they also carry a mini version for newborns.  I'll be trying out that diaper as well.  As with most OS diapers, this diaper will most likely not fit a small newborn, but I have heard that out of most OS diapers, this one gets the closest to fitting a newborn.  In order to adjust the size on this diaper it has a snap down rise on the front.  This particular diaper has four snap settings that you can use.  I really like that there are 4 settings so I can get a more custom fit as apposed to those with only three settings.  The snaps seem very easy to use, and I've never had a problem with them.

Large Pocket Opening
This diaper is also a Pocket Diaper.  I really like the size of the opening on this pocket.  It's very large and easy to stuff and unstuff.  I do wish that the opening was a bit cleaner looking and not just flapping open, but if that was the case, then I'm sure it would be more difficult to stuff so I have to take one or the other.

2 Microfiber Inserts
There are two microfiber inserts included with this diaper.  One is a size small and can be used when the diaper is on one of the two smaller settings, or used as a doubler when the diaper is in the medium or large settings.  The other insert is a size large and can be used when the diaper is in one of the two bigger settings.

I purchased this diaper with the hook and loop closure.  It also comes in snaps, but I felt that the hook and loop would be much easier for my husband and in-laws to use.  Plus I felt it would give me a better fit as opposed to the snaps since I can close the diaper at any point that I want instead of snapping in intervals.  I also like the look of the hook and loop.  It has fabric on the front so no sharp corners are exposed to rub on the baby's skin.  I also really like the laundry tabs on this diaper.  They really seem to work well and are very easy to just fold over quite quickly.  They also show you an alternate way of folding the tabs behind the diaper and securing it that way while cleaning.  I'll try both ways and see which works better.

My last observation of this diaper is the print.  I ended up getting this diaper in the Glow in the Dark Skulls print.  I was a little surprised when I received it since the pictures make it look like a white diaper with black skulls, but in fact it is a grey diaper with black skulls.  It also took a LOT of sun exposure and a very dark space in order to see the skulls that glow in the dark.  Not a big deal though since the diaper looks so cute anyways.  I LOVE all the cute prints that this diaper comes in and I can't wait to put our son in his Glow in the Dark Skulls - Happy Heiny's One For All Pocket Diaper.  He is going to look so cute it it!  But alas, I have to wait, since this is only another step in my Adventures In Fluff.

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