Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Great Search (Covers)

Wow!  It's been a lot of work, but I'm finally at the end of my research on which diapers I want to test out when our newest addition arrives this fall.  Today's post is my sixth and last part to my Great Diaper Search and it will talk about diaper covers.

Diaper Covers are the waterproof part of a cloth diapering system.  They are essential to use when you are using a cloth diaper that does not have a waterproof layer already built in such as prefold, fitted, or flat diapers.

Diaper covers come in many different fabrics.  The most commonly used fabric today is polyurethane laminate (PUL).  PUL can have a fabric just on the outside (so that the interior of the diaper can be easily wiped clean), or be sandwiched between two fabrics (so that the diaper has a soft interior).  Two other fabrics commonly used today for diaper covers are wool and polar fleece.  Both of these options are great for nighttime diaper solutions creating a breathable solution for your baby which is great to allow lots of air circulation on your baby's bum when they will be wearing a diaper the longest stretch of time creating less diaper rash.  Two less commonly used fabrics for diaper covers are nylon/cotton coated fabrics and vinyl.  These two options are not as durable as the other three options but are still available.
EmotiBums Fleece Diaper Cover
Little Beetle Wool Wrap w/ Snaps
Diaper covers also come in three different types of styles.  The most common style is the wrap style.  This style has wings on the side of the diaper that wrap to the front and fasten with either snaps or hook and loop closures.  The second type of style is the side snapping diaper cover.  It's just as it sounds.  The diaper fastens closed using snaps on both sides of the diaper.  The third style of diaper cover is the pull on diaper cover.  This style has no snaps or hook and loop.  You just pull it on like pants.  The downside of a pull on style is that you have to pull the cover down the babies legs after it has been soiled.

It was so hard choosing only a couple diaper covers to test out.  There are soooooo many cute diaper covers out there and I want them all!  It's just so awesome how you can dress up an otherwise basic looking prefold or fitted diaper to look really cute.  As hard as it was though, I did narrow down my search to my top four covers.

Thirsties Duo Wrap
I'm picking this diaper as my workhorse diaper wrap.  I've heard great reviews and the price is just right.  It comes in both aplix and snaps, though I'm just going to try aplix for now for the ease of it in the newborn stage.  This diaper also has leg gussets which is like a second elastic guard that goes around the legs providing double the protection against leaks.  Another great feature of this diaper is that it only comes in two sizes that adjust to your baby, so that's less diapers to buy as your baby grows.  Thirsties Duo Wraps come in eight solid colors and 4 prints.  I really like the colors and prints.  They're simple, but fresh.  This diaper retails for about $13.  Click HERE for more info.

Weehuggers Diaper Cover
Like the Thirstiess Duo Wrap, this diaper comes in both snap and aplix, two sizes, and has leg gussets.  With this diaper I'm going to get the one with snaps though.  It's just too cute of a diaper to ruin with the look of aplix.  What this diaper has that the Thirsties diaper does not have are flaps on both ends to hold a prefold or insert in securely.  Their prints are also a lot cuter, but the price is also a little higher.  This diaper retails for about $19.  Click HERE for more info.

Blueberry Coverall
The Blueberry Coverall is made by the same company as Weehuggers.  Like the Thirsties and Weehugger diaper covers, this one also comes in both snap and aplix (I'm getting snap), and it has leg gussets.  Unlike the other two, this diaper is a one size diaper, so you only have to buy one size from birth to potty training and it adjusts to your baby.  I also like the patterns on this diaper.  This diaper retails for about $17.  Click HERE for more info.

Gen-Y Universal Cover

I'm really excited to use the Gen-Y Universal Diaper cover.  Like the other three diaper covers, this diaper also has leg gussets.  It also has flaps on both ends of the diaper to hold prefolds like the Weehuggers diaper cover has.  Unlike the other three diaper covers, this diaper is a side snapping diaper cover.  I'm not sure how I will like this yet, but I've read great reviews so I'm not too worried about it.  The best feature of this cover are the super cute fabric options.  They are by far the best out of all the options I've selected.  It's also a two size diaper cover so not too bad when it comes to sizing up through the years.  This diaper retails for about $22.  Click HERE for more info.

Well, that's the end of my Great Diaper Search.  I'm sure the search will never end till our newest addition is out of diapers, but this will get me started on finding a diaper solution that works best for our family.  I hope you have enjoyed this six part post and it helps you get your journey started as well.  I can't wait to see what will come up next in my Adventures In Fluff.

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