Thursday, May 19, 2011

IT'S A BOY !!!!!

We can't wait to welcome Baby Putnam into our home.

Brian and I just got back from our 16 week Elective Gender Scan and are excited to announce that we are having a BOY!!!!  I'll admit that I was pretty nervous that the guess that our ultrasound tech gave us at our 12 week ultrasound was going to be wrong, but she was right.  It was so amazing to see our little boy moving all over the place inside of me.  Seeing that never gets old.  I'll admit that I helped with the active nature of our baby by drinking a little coffee and a sugar coated bagel before the ultrasound.

We've been so lucky this pregnancy to have seen our little one grow from a bean at 6 weeks to an actual baby at 16 weeks, and we still have another ultrasound scheduled in two more weeks to check anatomy.  We've seen our little bub a total of seven times with one more time to go.  I can't wait till our next ultrasound in two weeks because we'll be doing it with the specialist and their machine is REALLY good.  I'll have much better pictures next time.

I'm so excited that I can now start purchasing things for this baby.  I'll start picking out the actual diapers that I'm going to get with boy colors and I can start sewing my cloth wipes in boy colors.  I've also got a bit of sewing to do for the bedding and drapery (all things that had to wait till this day).  So excited to be able to get things moving.

Anyways, just thought you'd all like an update on our newest addition to the family as he is the whole reason for my Adventures In Fluff.

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