Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello FLUFF!

Fluff [fluhf] -noun
    1. a soft, light, downy mass: a fluff of summer clouds
    2. light, downy particles, as of cotton.
    3. a cute, comfortable, economical, and environmentally conscious way to 
        diaper your child. aka: cloth diaper

Hi!  My name is Chana.  I'm a work at home mom of two with number three on the way in November 2011.  I've been scaling back my interior design business in anticipation of our new arrival and that has led me to have time to take on new adventures.  While reviewing the pregnancy posts on Fertility Friend (my favorite trying to conceive and pregnancy social networking site) I came across a post about cloth diapering.  I'd never thought about cloth diapering and have actually just recently potty trained my second daughter, Reagan, and used my last disposable diaper.  After reading the comments from other women I was very intrigued by the idea.  I immediately started scouring the internet and the posts in the Cloth Diapering Forum on Fertility Friend for as much information on cloth diapering as I could possibly get.  I found tons of information on why cloth diapers are so great.  Here is a list of the Top Ten Reasons To Cloth Diaper that I found on DiaperPin:

Your Baby's Comfort
Who wouldn't rather have cloth against their butt over paper and plastic?

The Environment
Where do you think all those disposable diapers go?

Save Money
You can save $1000 - $2000 per child by using cloth.

Potty Training is Easier and Happens Earlier
Baby can feel the wetness.

Cotton Diapers Are Gel Free
There are so many chemicals in disposable diapers.

Cloth Diapers Are So Much Better Looking
Whoever thought plastic with mickey mouse was cute is just crazy.

More Fun For Mom
What mom doesn't love to shop for the latest fashions?

Better Cushioning For Baby's Bum
Soft landing pad for those baby falls.

No late night runs when diapers run out.

Being A Leader is Much More Fun Than Following The Crowd
Stand out from the crowd.

***To read the full article on the Top Ten Reasons to Cloth Diaper click HERE***

    What had started out as mere curiosity had now turned into a mission, or what my husband calls an obsession.  Haha!  He's probably right.  As a part of my new mission I've decided to start this blog to document what I'm going through to get the process started and what works and doesn't work in my quest for a great cloth diapering experience with our newest addition.  I hope this blog helps others going through the same thing that I'm going through or at the very least gives others a peek into what modern cloth diapering is all about.  I hope you all enjoy my Adventures in Fluff.


    1. Congrats on the blog Chana. I too was thinking about cloth diapering #3

    2. Sounds like an awesome idea Chana! Cannot wait to hear how it goes....

    3. Awesome!! I look forward to following your adventure. :D


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