Friday, January 20, 2012

My Perfect Newborn Fluff Stash

Now that I'm done posting my Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4) it makes me wonder. What would my newborn cloth diaper stash look like if I was to do it all over again? Mind you I don't plan on getting pregnant again so Lincoln will be the one and only newborn I get to cloth diaper, but it's fun to wonder... What if ?

I'm not sure if you remember way back when I wrote a post titled "The Newborn Stash".  It went over all the diapers I planned to use during the newborn phase.  LOL!  I guess it changed a lot.  Yes, I ended up getting the diapers I listed ... but I also got a lot more.  Ok, "My name is Chana, and I'm a cloth diaper addict".  I wonder if I still would have been happy if I had stuck to my original plan.  I think I would have been.  Would it have been my perfect newborn stash?  No.  But it would have worked.  Here's a list of what I had planned on using for the newborn stage.

(Qty: 6) BumGenius AIO - Size: XS

(Qty: 12) Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted V2.0 - Size: 0

(Qty: 6) Thirsties Duo Wrap w/ Aplix - Size: 1

(Qty: 12) Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Prefolds - Size: Newborn

(Qty: 12) Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Prefolds - Size: Small

(Qty: 3) BabyKicks Hemparoo Fleece Prefold - Size: Small

Now that would have been all good and dandy, but having went through the newborn stage and knowing what I know now, I would have done things a little differently.  Although I tried to spread the love and use all my newborn diapers I definitely had my favorites that I always grabbed first.  Each diaper had it's specific purpose with a certain time of day I would use them or a certain activity that I preferred to use them during.  Having said that, here is my perfect newborn stash.  I only wish I was brave enough (or crazy enough) to have another baby so I could create this perfect stash and use it.  Boo!  Oh well.  Maybe one of you could use it and let me know how it works out.

(Qty: 4) Ragababe Easy AIO - Size: Newborn $26-$28
This would be my go to daytime diaper especially if anyone was going to see him in a diaper.  Love the look.  Love the fit. Love the absorbency.  Don't love the price, but they have a great re-sale value so I would anticipate on getting a lot of my money back.

(Qty: 3) Kissaluvs Newborn AIO - $14.95
This would be my go to out of the house diaper during the first week or two when the umbilical cord is still on.  I hate having a two piece system when out of the house.  I loved the fit of this diaper and the price was pretty good as well.

(Qty: 2) Happy Heinys Mini OS - $18.97
This would be one of my daytime diapers.  I love all the patterns that these come in and I love that they are so adjustable and last a long time size wise.  They fit nice and are super easy for dad to put on.  I also like that it's a pocket diaper and super easy to stuff.

(Qty: 4) Thirsties Duo Diaper w/Snaps - Size: 1 - $18.25
This would be one of my daytime diapers while I was still using my fitted diapers at night, but later turn into my go to night time solution in the later months.  I love the fit of these.  I love the inserts (especially when you add an extra hemp insert for the night).  The prints and colors are nice and you can't beat the durability and absorbency of these.  I'd pick snaps over aplix because I found it to hold up way better than the aplix.

Gotta love a One-Size diaper that works on a newborn.  I LOVE the Rump.a.rooz prints too.  This diaper works great and looks even better.  I like the snaps because even when your baby can use their hands, they'll have a hard time opening the snaps.  Snaps last longer anyways which is great when you have a OS diaper.  These will be great from beginning to end.

(Qty: 9) Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted V2.0 - Size: 0 - $13.95
I LOVED my Kissaluvs for nighttime on a newborn.  They were easy to put on, easy to take off, and oh so soft!  They also helped to contain everything including those messy newborn poops during the night.  I felt that because these contained so well, I didn't need that many covers.  I NEVER got poop on my covers.  I love that these have an umbilical cord snap down and fit on babies up to 15lbs.  

(Qty: 3) Thirsties Cover - Size: XS - $11.50
Love my Thirsties Covers!  These are great for those first couple of weeks.  The Duos are great in the long run, but I feel that the sized covers fit better on a bitti newborn and look nicer.  I'd only get three though because I'd want a couple covers to last past the newborn stage.

(Qty: 2) Thirsties Duo Wrap w/ Aplix - Size: 1 - $12.75
Love the economical value of the Duo Wraps.  They get as small as an XS Thirsties cover, but last wayyyy longer.  Although I think the snap version lasts longer, I wouldn't plan on using the wraps past the newborn stage so longevity isn't an issue for me with this one, thus I'm going for ease of use here.

(Qty: 12) Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Prefolds - Size: Newborn - $2.00
Now, I'm not much of a prefold girl, but since I didn't like most of the newborn options with an umbilical cord snap down I would probably use these for the first week or two until the cord fell off (in addition to my Kissaluvs AIO's and Fitteds).  After that point they'll just be use for back up diapers, doublers, burp cloths, and covers to lay over my changing pad.

So there's my perfect newborn stash!  You'll probably notice I'm still a bit eclectic, but I think one type of diaper is just too boring.  I like to spice it up a bit.  Please note that when I selected my perfect newborn stash I took into consideration the size of my children when they were born.  They were all 7lbs or above so I never had a bitti baby.  If I had then my choices might be a bit different.  But for the average size to large size newborn, I think this is the perfect stash that takes into consideration style, price, durability, longevity, and of course function.  Hope this helps you in your newborn cloth diaper research.  Happy Fluffy Shopping!

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  1. Love this series of posts on NB cloth diapers! I didn't start using cloth until my young ones were 4 & 26 months old. I know, late to the party. When/if we decide to have another child, I will be back to re-read these. Great job!

  2. Thanks Ally! I only wish I could take my own advice. Unfortunately Linc will be our last.

  3. Also loving the posts on Newborn cloth diapers! And it is such perfect timing. My little guy will arrive in March. I think I am going to give your perfect newborn fluff stash a try. My fitted stash includes some mutts ( and one squishy obv goodmama newborn. But let me ask did you ever grab a Ragababe? I haven't quite figured out their stocking system so I can stalk one.

  4. I really need to try a mutt and goodmama! As for Ragababes, you need to watch their Facebook page. If you don't snag one at the stocking you need to sign up on their overflow list ASAP posted on their Facebook page right after the stocking. You could also try finding some used on Spots, Ebay, or their buy sell trade facebook page. They are hard to get, but so worth it.

  5. thank you! this is an awesome post, and one that i am using to inform my purchases for my upcoming little one! (i CDed my last child, but not until he was 4 mos, so this really, really helps!) i have researched all over the web, and when i consistently see the same brands coming up, it gives me confidence that im headed in the right direction...(kissaluvs 0, thirsties covers, GMD prefolds) i do have one question for you...with the GMD prefolds, did you ever try organic unbleached? i was wondering if there is any difference in absorbency between bleached/unbleached. thanks again!

    1. I've only used the regular unbleached prefolds. I've heard that the unbleached is more absorbent than the bleached, but I haven't heard anything about the organic.


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