Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stylish Labor & Delivery Hospital Gown... Check!!!

Birth Day Suits Maternity Hospital Gown
Dressed & Ready For The Big Birth Day!
Today I'm 38-1/2 weeks into our surrogacy journey.  Yep!  This baby will be here very soon.  I've never went a full 40 weeks with any of my children, and I don't expect to with this one either.  Yesterday we even had an OB appointment.  I'm already 4cm dilated and had my membranes swept.  Baby's mommy has been here a week getting everything ready, and daddy just arrived on a plane all the way from the UK.  My bags are packed (almost), and we're registered at the hospital.  We are so ready to go!!!! ... almost...

Ever since our doctor appointment yesterday I've been contracting on and off, and you know what was on my mind?  You would probably think excitement for the big day (yes, that was there).  You might think worry since the baby's daddy wouldn't be here for a few more hours (yep, I was thinking that too).  You might think disappointment since my doctor won't be on call till Friday (you'd be right again).  All those things were running through my head.  What was running through my head the most though?  You might laugh, but I was thinking "No!  Not yet.  I still have to go pick up my super cute hospital gown!!!!"  

Love the comfort of this birthing gown!
Yep, this gown is birth ball approved!
It was a decision I had made just this week.  Sure, the regular hospital gowns are fine and dandy, but I've done that style 3 times now.  Back in February, this baby's mommy told me I should dress up for the occasion and wear whatever I want to.  Comfortable, glam, toned down, or dressed up... why not try something new?  I thought about it for months, but didn't really look for or purchase anything.  I even thought about sewing something for awhile, but being as busy as I am, that wasn't going to happen.  I even saw that another friend of mine had a pretty dress that she had made up just for the occasion.  Then this week I decided to check out what was available online.  I found a few sites, and then remembered that a local doula and her daughter also made maternity hospital gowns.  Bonus!  I love working with local businesses.  As soon as I checked out the Birth Day Suits website I knew I just had to have one!!!  So many to choose from though.  How would I ever choose in such a short amount of time?  Luckily the company is local, so I headed over there yesterday to try on a few and instantly fell in love with one the second I tried it on.  It was magic!

Labor and deliver gown has snap straps and an accent bow
Nifty little snap down straps
I chose a beautiful black and white chevron dress in their Piper dress style.  It was no easy task though.  They have tons of fabric options and 8 gown styles that all look amazing!  I love how functional they are too.  For those that want something easy to get on and off, adjustable, plus easy access in case you need an epidural, the back crosses over and is secured with ties like a standard maternity gown.  For those that want to breastfeed, there are also snaps on the shoulder straps for easy access when breastfeeding.  I won't be breastfeeding, but I will be pumping in order to get all the benefits of breastfeeding.  And you can't ignore all the style that comes with this gown.  I love the pleated neckline, the pretty accent trim at the bottom, and the satin ribbon that you can tie just under your breasts.  That's my favorite part.  So much more flattering when you can accentuate the belly, although I hear some women tie the ribbon in their hair and leave the dress flowing.  

So now I'm officially ready for the big day!!!!  I can't wait for it to come.  Mommy and Daddy are here, I'm packed and ready to roll, and I have my gown ready for the ball (can you tell I'm watching Cinderella right now with that reference?).  Let's get this party started!!... soon.  Still waiting for my doctor to go on call.  Come on Friday!


If you want more information about how you too can get one of these awesome gowns, check out their official Birth Day Suit Maternity website, or browse some of the dresses they currently have up on their Birth Day Suit Maternity Etsy Page.  You know you want one!

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