Monday, June 30, 2014

Surro Files - 38 Weeks & Belle is Here!!!

The Bun
This week the baby is about the size of a pumpkin (19.75 inches) and 6.8 pounds.  Although the baby is full term with fully functioning organs, their brain and nervous system will continue to develop well into childhood and their teen years.

The Oven
Big, Big, Big!!!!  Haha!  That's my usual update isn't it?  Not only is my tummy big, but my feet are too.  Darn swelling!  The only time I've had swelling before was with Riley, and that was just the last week of pregnancy.  It doesn't hurt, but it does feel weird walking when your ankles have rolls and your toes are all smooshed together.

My super swollen feet.  So sexy!  Ankle bones are over rated.

Surrogate pregnant belly at 38 weeks

The Happenings In the Kitchen
Belle is here!!!!!  Not without a few plane troubles as usual, but she's finally here.  I feel bad that traveling to California gives her bad luck every time.  This time her flight was cancelled, but luckily she was able to catch another one later that night, just in time for our doctor appointment the next day.

After only sleeping about 3 hours, Belle was at our house bright and early to help me load up all the baby stuff that she had shipped to my house.  It was like Christmas morning with lots of gifts piled high in my trunk, ready for her to unpack and get ready for the big day.  That would all have to wait though.  First, we had a date to see her little munchkin on ultrasound at our OB appt.  My girls came with us to the appointment.  They were pretty excited to go see what this little baby is looking like these days.  They finally called us back to do the ultrasound, but it was awhile before they would show us actual baby pictures.  First up was measuring the baby and amniotic fluid.  Well, turns out I have a lot of fluid and a fairly normal size baby at around (8 pounds right now).  Not too bad.  Linc was 8lbs 4oz when he was born.  Let's hope baby doesn't grow too much more, but in most cases these measurements are overestimated anyways.  Finally they got to the good stuff!  Hello baby!!!!  Well, it looks like Belle and Adam are expecting the cutest baby ever with the biggest cheeks that you ever did see!  Seriously cute!!!!  I just want to pinch them... softly of course.  Haha!  We got some great 3D pictures, but unfortunately the video didn't come out as great this time.  Boo!  Belle was in love with all the cute pictures and we just can't wait for the big day to get here.  After the ultrasound we had our OB appointment.  They weren't going to check dilation, but I asked them to.  So after all the checks here's what we're looking at...  I'm 151 pounds (gah!  passed that magic number I didn't want to pass), good blood pressure, and no protein in urine.  Baby's heartbeat was in the 120's - 130's, and my belly is measuring about 2 - 3 weeks ahead still, but it always is.  So as far as improvement... I'm now 3-4cm dilated and super soft!!!!!  Yep!  We're getting closer.  I'll be halfway done by the time we get into labor.  I'm still thick and baby is still fairly high, but those things could change in a flash.  We're still waiting on Group B Strep test results too.  Hope I'm negative. (Update: I'm negative.  Yay!)  I'm also swelling a bit in my feet.  They don't look like crazy big, but if you press in on them, the dent stays there for quite a long time.  Oh well, not much longer!!!  Overall a great appointment!  Belle couldn't be happier.  She's going to have a baby soon!!!

Well the next day my doctor's office called me.  They reviewed the ultrasound and there were some concerns.  I didn't get to talk with the doctor, but from what I gather, they are concerned about how much amniotic fluid I have.  My amniotic level is 25, and that puts me into the category of having Polyhydramnios.  I have a lot of the symptoms... shortness of breath, swelling of lower extremities (especially my feet and vulva), and a large tummy of course.  That being said, they're ordering 2 ultrasounds a week to measure the fluid levels and at the same time we'll be doing nonstress tests on the baby to see how they are doing (basically just monitoring their heartbeat for 20 min).  Our first one is today actually.  I'll jump back on here and update before I post this.  In most cases Polyhydramnios is pretty mild and doesn't cause problems, so I'm not too concerned, but at the same time I want the best for Belle and Adam's baby.  Hoping all keeps going well and we see this little angel very soon.

Well, I'm back from our first NST & Ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid.  Looks like my fluid level went up again.  We're now at a 30.  Boo!  The nurse midwife said everything looks ok, but if my water breaks it'll be a disaster flood zone.  Just thought I'd warn anyone that might be hanging out around me for the next two weeks.  Maybe I should wear a sign that says "Flood Zone".  Seems like a good idea to me.  After the ultrasound we did the Nonstress Test (NST).  I basically just sat in a cushy recliner while they hooked me up to a heart rate monitor and a contraction monitor (just like when in the hospital).  Belle, her friend, and Linc were with me, so we got to listen to baby for a good 45 min before they finally unhooked me.  Wednesday we'll get to do it all over again. 
Linc and I at the NST

The Chefs
Belle is here!!!!!  She's been working on getting everything set up for the big day.  Lots of shopping, shopping, shopping.  Her best friend is here too, so I'm sure they're having lots of fun waiting for the big day.  Adam will be here Wednesday, then it's on!  We're officially on the lookout for the big day to come.

Coming Soon !!!
June 30th - Monitoring Appt. - NST & Ultrasound to measure amniotic fluid.
July 2nd - 38 week OB Appt. - Just a routine visit plus an NST
July 2nd - Adam Gets Here - Adam gets here to wait it out for the big day.  We're all ready to go!
July 7th - Monitoring Appt. - NST & Ultrasound to measure amniotic fluid.
July 12th - 40 week OB Appt. - Just a routine visit.  We will NOT make it to this appointment!  Haha!
July 13th - DUE DATE!!!!

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed and faces blocked out to protect the identities of those involved in this journey*


  1. How exciting! Good luck with the excess fluid. I had that and it was a major flood zone when my little one was born (water broke 5 weeks, 2 days early!). Fortunately baby girl is doing great. I know Belle and Adam's little one is going to be the picture of perfection when he's born!!! (BTW - remember Sarah Stoltenberg? Both her baby and mine were do on a 13th and arrived on a 7th...would be awesome if the little one you're carrying joined the club. ;)

    1. LOL Tristen! That's what the RN said. It's going to be a flood and make sure I warn the hospital staff. Haha! I think I'll just surprise them.


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