Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fun With The Kids - Questionnaires

I don't know about you, but summertime is my busiest time of the year.  That's when the girls are out of school and I have to find ways to entertain them.  You can only watch so many movies, play in the sprinklers so long and when the temperature kicks up to 110 degrees, going outside is out of the question all together (that's us right now).  So what do you do when you're stuck indoors?  This past Father's Day I found a new fun pastime for the girls... Questionnaires.

I came across the idea of questionnaires while cruising around Pinterest trying to find something to make Brian for Father's Day.  Your kids fill in a sheet of paper that asks questions like, "Daddy's Name Is", Daddy Is ? Years Old", Daddy Loves Me Because".  The list goes on and on.  Each questionnaire I found had it's own spin on cute questions to ask and some even incorporated an area to draw their own picture of dad (bonus for my artistic little girls).  The girls took a little while to understand the idea of making up their own answers, but once they realized it was just for fun they were spitting out answers left and right.  It was a great way to teach them creative thinking and that there is no right or wrong answer.  By the end of it they were laughing like crazy reading what each other wrote.  The best part was when they gave them to their dad though.  He was cracking up and will keep these forever.  I'm pretty sure we'll even make it a tradition from here on out.

So this sparked my interest.  I want to make my own questionnaire!!!  And... yep, I did it!  Hope you and your kids have fun with my "I LOVE SUMMER" questionnaire.
I love summer - Kids printable questionnaire
Click HERE to download this FREE printable.
Below is a list of some of the orther cute questionnaires that I found.  I plan to take them with us on our flight out to Connecticut next month.  They are sure to make the hours fly by and keep us laughing while we're at it.  Hope you have fun with them too!

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  1. My sisters and I were questionnaire fanatics growing up. We each had a notebook to keep all our questions and answers in. And it was fun to see how they changed over the years, even basic things like favorite foods and colors! I love this post, Chana, and that cute printable!


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