Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Surro Files - It's A Bloody Massacre!

LOL!  OK, I'm sorry for the TMI blog post title, but that's what's been the topic of the day so why not?  This past week has been slow and agonizing.  The day we were supposed to transfer came and went.  I'm so glad that Belle (the intended mother) had a lot going on to keep her mind off of our canceled transfer.  I still feel horrible thinking about it.  I'm feeling very positive for what is to come though... whatever that might be.

Well I finished my medications on Thursday.  I expected that I would get my period on Sunday since I normally get my period 3 days after stopping birth control so I figured this would be the same.  Sunday dragged and dragged though.  Where was that bloody witch!  Finally at the end of the day I started singing, "All I want for Christmas is my period, my period, oh my period!" (not out loud of course).  Wouldn't you know it... right after I started singing that song, I got lots of cramps and the massacre began.  I'm sorry to speak so bluntly about this, but I just don't understand how I could bleed so much if my lining was too thin to transfer???  I feel that I'm bleeding more than I normally do.  Maybe they just didn't get a good angle on the ultrasound.  I'm sure it will boggle me forever.  I just feel I would have been ready.  No going back now though.  It is what it is.

Ok, since we're already on the bloody topic, I'm going to tell you my crazy tampon story.  I'm so sorry if I have guys that read my blog.  Maybe you should just skip this one.  Anyways, so today has been crazy.  I think all the period hormones just really got to me because I've just been an emotional mess.  Happy Anniversary to us! ... yes, it's our 12th wedding anniversary today.  Whoot!  Ok, back to my story.  So I've been an emotional mess... and a bloody fountain.  Lincoln is tired and needs his nap, but I REALLY need to change my tampon, so Brian watches Linc as he cries and I go to do a quick swap.  I try to put in the new tampon and it just won't go in.  What the hell?  Is my cervix really that low that it's in the way?  Well after some maneuvering I get the stupid thing in and hurry to go calm Linc and get him to sleep.  Fast forward to later in the day.  I go to change my tampon again and to my surprise... I pull out TWO tampons!!!!  WTF!!!!  Ok, I know I was having a bad day, but I didn't realize it was that bad.  No wonder why I couldn't get that stupid tampon in earlier today.  Note to self... Always make sure you take out a tampon before putting in a new one.  Very good advice.

I promise I'm done with bloody stories.  Back to the surrogacy update.  Well I had hoped that I would have an update by now, but the clinic still hasn't sent me anything about the next cycle.  I bet I'll get an e-mail right after I post this, but you all will just have to wait till next Monday.  I'm just that mean.  Haha!  Ok, I'm really not.  I'll probably post again in five minutes.

Although I don't have an update, Belle had a great one.  The results from the egg donor's retrieval are in!!!!  21 eggs were retrieved, 18 were mature, 14 fertilized normally, and 7 made it to freeze on day 4!  Sounds great to me!!!  You can read all about it on her Surrogacy Blog.

OH!  On another note... I read this great surrogacy story with great pictures.  Love the picture of the mom delivering her own baby!!!  Here is the link to the story.

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*Some of the names in this post have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in this journey.

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  1. :) I'm preggers with our IVF baby, 5th time lucky, so I know why Belle can be so patient - it's such a fluke if it actually works! I just wanted to comment on your tampon story - this is why I use a mooncup/diva cup, you always know when it's in there already :p


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