Monday, June 27, 2011

First Glance Review - Kissaluvs Marvels AIO

Today I'm starting my "First Glance Reviews" of all the diapers I've received so far.  A "First Glance Review" is just a review of what I can see by looking at the diaper when I receive it.  It does not go into performance as I will not be using these diapers till our newest addition arrives this coming fall, but it will give you a detailed look at what the diaper looks like and how it works.  Check back this fall for detailed reviews on each diaper's performance.

The first diaper that I am reviewing is the Kissaluvs Marvels AIO diaper.  I hope the review is helpful to you and you come back to see the many more reviews that I will be presenting.

Kissaluvs - Marvels AIO Diaper
Color: Chocolate / $22.99
It's really great to see this diaper in person.  I didn't fully understand the soaker design from the pictures, but I can now see that although it is an AIO diaper, it has a pocket with a sewn in soaker that aggitates out in the wash, but stays attached so you don't have to hunt it down after you take it out of the dryer.  How cool is that!  Not only does the soaker agitate out in the wash and stay attached, it also is attached at the front of the diaper so there is no stuffing needed !!!  All you have to do is gently tug the diaper and viola! ... Your diaper is now ready to go again.  
The pocket will also help with drying time, help eliminate trapped odors, as well as give the option to stuff it with an additional doubler if needed.  I also like that the soaker is nicely sealed in the pocket with a flap.  It makes the interior look nice and clean.  The snaps work really well and are easy to use. I also like that there is a crossover snap for smaller babies.  I do wish that the crossover snap had a brown interior like the rest of the snaps though.  It kind of looks like a broken snap. 
I also did not like how the tag was sewn on.  It looks cheep and misplaced.  I hope they fix this in the future since a lot of us fluff lovers like to show off our cute diapers and it's so much better when the diaper presents well.  I chose the chocolate fabric option and I love the butter-cream interior against the chocolate exterior.  It's very modern looking and helps an otherwise plain looking diaper look stylish.  I can't wait to try this diaper out this coming winter when my baby is big enough to wear it.

I hope this review has helped you better understand the Kissaluvs Marvels AIO diaper and you are just as excited to try one out as I am.  Don't forget to keep checking in for more First Glance Reviews of the diapers that I will be using on our newest addition this fall.  Just another step in my Adventures In Fluff.

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  1. You are too cute. The video is great. I agree w/the tag, there are many way's they could've made it look good!! Keep up the good work. You are going to be STOKED when companies get a hold of you to review their products!!! I hope that happens soon.

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked the video. Not too bad for the first one I think. Can't wait to do the next one.

  3. Ditto to everything Angie said!

    I love this video, and can't wait for the rest!


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