Monday, June 20, 2011

Countdown To Baby Putnam - We're Halfway There ! ! !

Last week we hit the 20 week mark on the Countdown To Baby Putnam.  We're halfway there ! ! !  I thought this would be the perfect time to reflect on the first half of my pregnancy with Baby Putnam #3.

6 Weeks
After our loss in December at 11 weeks we were ecstatic, but scared when we found out we were pregnant again only two months later.  The fear mounted even more when I had a huge bleed and found out there was a blood clot next to the placenta.  Needless to say that first trimester was a bit tense.  Being in the second trimester is great though and we couldn't be more excited to welcome out little one ... or should I say little boy, into the world this coming fall.

12 Weeks
We found out that we were most likely going to have a boy at our ultrasound at 12 weeks.  Not wanting to get our hopes up of a boy we kept the sex a secret till our next ultrasound at 16 weeks.  He's definitely a boy!  Not only a boy, but a healthy boy and the blood clot is gone.  All tests came back clear.  More excitement came around the 16 week mark as well.  I  had just started feeling the flutters of our little one inside of me.  That's always the best part of pregnancy and I miss it each time after birth.

18 Weeks
At 18 weeks we had our Anatomy scan and all checked out perfectly (yes, we're still having a boy).  Now at 20 weeks I can feel our little man moving each day with more intense kicks as time goes on.  I even felt the first one with my hands a few days ago.  Can't wait for Brian and the girls to feel their first kicks soon.

4 Weeks
With this pregnancy it seems like my stomach just knew what to do and poked out the second I got a positive pregnancy test.  I know the first 10 weeks were bloat because I felt so uncomfortable all the time, but after that my belly has just been a growing machine.

12 Weeks
As soon as I hit week 11 I couldn't wait any longer.  I went on a maternity clothes shopping spree with my sister.  I kind of feel embarrassed when people ask me when I'm due because I look like I should be due a lot sooner than I am.  I guess that's just the way some people grow.  All my growth goes to my belly, so by the end it's pretty huge.  My belly button has even poked out already.  I like it.  It's kind of like a little accent bump on my bigger bump that you can see under my shirt.

20 Weeks
I love the second trimester and the size I am now.  I know I'll be singing a different tune pretty soon though when I hit the third trimester.  Happy days will be gone and discomfort will set in.  Until then I'm just enjoying every minute of it.

Before being a nursery, the room was our girl's playroom.  I still feel bad getting rid of it, but we use our dining room as another playroom anyways, so they still have plenty of room for their toys ... and believe me, they have lots of them.

Sewing The Bedding
I had the nursery theme picked out way before our little one was conceived.  It was always going to be a forest nursery (boy or girl).  I even had the BEDDING picked out.  When we first found out we were pregnant I had to hold back from buying anything for the room.  Brian finally gave me the go ahead after our 12 week ultrasound to get the bedding, and after our 16 week ultrasound I ordered the CRIB and CHANGING TABLE.  After that I've just been going, going, going and trying to get it done.  When I received the bedding I realized that I didn't like one of the main fabrics on it.  So I ordered new fabrics to cover it up.  It was a little more work than I had expected, but now that it's done it looks so nice!  I especially love the dark chocolate minky fabric the I selected.  I just want to pet it all day long.  I also purchased fabric to make curtains for the room.  I've only barely started those.  I think I'm all pooped out on sewing though.  I really need a break.

Painting Trees
Another one of my projects for the room was to paint silhouettes of trees and birds on the walls.  I got my inspiration for them from a WALL DECAL I saw online, but I knew I could paint it myself and do it for a lot less money.  I've only done two so far, but I might add more if I think the room needs it when it's done.  There's still much to be done, but the nursery is coming along and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished!

It's all just another part of my Adventures In Fluff ... and other stuff.  

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