Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To: Upcycle a Milk Jug into a Watering Can

Upcycle a milk jug into a watering can

It’s Day 5 of the 2012 July Upcycled Crafting Challenge.  In case you’re just tuning in, I’ll be joining The Eco Chic by creating tons of crafty projects using items that we would normally call trash.  This is a great way to have fun with the kids and teach them about using the resources that we already have at hand instead of just throwing them away.  Today we’ll be working with milk jugs.  Our family is addicted to milk.  I’m trying to cut it out, but till then we go through a gallon of milk in just a couple days.  Why throw all those jugs away when you can create fun projects with them?  I’ve seen some cute gift boxes that you can make with milk jugs, but since its summer and my girls LOVE to water plants (and themselves), I’ve decided to upcycle our milk jugs into watering cans.  Check out the tutorial below so you can make some too.  This one is super fast and easy!

What You Will Need:

Milk Jug
Sharp Object (Drill bit, Thumb Tack, Nail, Ink Pen, etc.)

Step By Step:
What you will need: Milk jug & Pen

Poke holes in your milk jug lid

Milk jug watering can is complete

- Use your sharp object to poke several holes in your milk jug lid.  I found that an ink pen works well and is easily on hand.  Make sure to poke your holes from the back side of the lid.  If you poke the holes from the top of the lid, then the water will not pour very smoothly.
- Fill your jug with water.
- Screw the lid back on your newly made watering can.

Voila!  You have a super duper watering can that costs next to nothing to make and takes only seconds to transform.  I also love the extra added bonus that these hold a ton of water.  My girls can water plants for quite awhile before they ask me to re-fill their jug.  If you want to give your watering jugs a little extra touch then let your kids go at them with stickers, markers, paint, and glitter glue.  Happy Watering!

The girls watering plants with their milk jug watering can

*This post is part of the Upcycled Crafting Challenge (#freefromtrash) hosted by Calley, The Eco Chic, and is part of a one month challenge to create from trash.  This challenge will hopefully open your eyes to the number of items that we still end up trashing every day that could be used by ourselves or our kids to create fun and useful items.  To find out more about the challenge and to see other projects click on over to Calley’s announcement post.*

Check out some of the other great posts from today below and be sure to link up your projects today too!!!  Just link to your blog post, Pinterest picture, Photobucket Picture, etc.  I'd love to see your upcycled milk jug projects.


  1. My husband and I made this the other day after seeing it on Pintrest. We refined the design a little. He used a drill (because he's a man) to make the holes in the lid, then he also put 3 holes in the handle of the jug about half way down to let air in when you pour. You can't fill it quite as full, but the pouring is a lot smoother.

    1. Great idea! I'll have to make that change to the girls watering jugs.

  2. I love this idea Chana. Maybe my kids would be more helpful in the garden if they had one of these.


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