Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogging With A Newborn

Let me just start by saying I am amazed by the moms that can keep up with their blog posts, interact on Facebook, chat on Twitter, and still have time to take care of a newborn.  My hat's off to you!  I am struggling.  At this moment I'm typing with one hand while breastfeeding my little man (a talent I've yet to master).  I still need to do a video review today, but finding an hour of free time is nearly impossible.  Yes it takes me at LEAST 60 minutes with my terrible public speaking skills to do these videos.  I probably start over at least 20 times.  At the same time I'm trying to remember that I have diapers in the wash that will need to be moved to the dryer soon, and I have NO food in the fridge so a trip to the grocery store is a must.


Fast forward 8 hours.  Well, I finally got Lincoln down to bed for the night and have time to write again.  I did get my video done today, but not in time to post it.  Guess it will have to wait till Monday.  I did remember to move my laundry to the dryer, but it's still in there.  Guess I'll take it out and put it all away tomorrow.  I did go to the grocery store, but Lincoln was crabby so I just ran in and got the bare necessities.  One day I'll get around to doing some REAL shopping.

So I ask again ... or maybe I never asked... I'm not sure because I'm so tired.  How do you blogging moms with a newborn do it ? ! ? !  Hopefully in another month or two I'll get my routine down.  Till then bear with me and my sporadic posts.  One day I will get a full night's sleep.  One day I'll get back to taking showers everyday ... or at least every other day.  One day I'll plan real meals for dinner (oh wait ... did I ever do that???).  One day I'll be able to write a blog post in one sitting with two hands.

One day ...


  1. 1 handed typing, LOL. Letting the other kids watch TV (sshhhhh) if the baby falls asleep & lets me wear him, so I can peck out a bunch of posts!

  2. Haha! That's what I'm doing right now. : )

  3. Ha, I can relate. My blog posts now consist of mostly videos and pictures of baby, so all I have to do is find a minute to upload and I can come back and click "publish". The actual writing has completely gone by the wayside.

  4. If it weren't for my husband, I wouldn't be getting anything done, and I would likely starve. He takes our son so I can head to the store alone, or so I can shower.

    Someday I won't feel guilty taking my time doing something I want to. Someday this little baby won't be a baby and he won't need me every waking moment.

  5. That's exactly how I feel ... guilty to take time for myself.


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